Uni for Melanoma

Hey Everyone,
On May 23rd I’m heading out to unicycle across New England to raise money for melanoma.
Donate to research for melanoma at http://www.firstgiving.com/onewheel-onecure!
Earlier this year my father passed away from melanoma. In order to help make sure others don’t have to go through the same thing I did, I decided to raise money for melanoma research.

The plan is to head out from Burlington Vermont (near the lake) on May 23 and unicycle on through to West Quoddy Point Lighthouse. I plan on trying to unicycle for 5 hours a day (weather permitting) and reach my destination in 10 days. A friend in a van will meet me at certain camping sites each night and during the day carrying my supplies (those not carried by my brother Arian with his bike). I anticipate the first part of my trip will be the hardest with all the hills but I look forward to the challenge.

If anyone has hints/tips on uni-ing long miles for long days drop me a line!
Here’s the uni I’ll be using Black Betty Beast Bates:

How long is the tour distance-wise? I hope you have a good pair (or two) of cycling shorts.

bike shorts

I have one pair (got them after doing a 15 miler and wondering if my family name will live on) and I’m planning on getting a second pair when the local bike shop gets some in later this week. The whole trip will be 420+ miles and I’ll be doing it in 10 days (give or take depending on the weather)

good luck.

farthest i have ridden a 36 is 35 miles. was pretty numb…unfortunately that’s why i don’t like any distance biking/unicycling… solely because of saddle soreness.

Make it into a fun trip!

Make it into a fun ride. Wave or talk to every one you see as you ride past. Even if it’s only to say hello. The time will go by faster, it will help you forget your seat discomfort, and spice up you day. Ignor the slights. Be ready with a witty word. Be ready to laugh at your self. Make it fun.

Think of your ride as being on parade.


Parade! Yay! I love watching parades and if I’m the center of it even better! When I’m in towns I’ll def. be talking to everyone I pass. It’s those stretches where no one lives that’ll be the hardest.


Just hooked a computer up to BBBB (That’s Black Betty Beast Bates :sunglasses: ). Now to mount it where I can see it while I’m riding… I’m thinking on the front of the pi bar but then there’s the problem of UPD’s. Let’s see if it won’t mount on the inside of the front of the bar.

Site is up!

My website is now up and running, read about my story, stay updated on my training/news and donate to help melanoma research: http://www.onewheel-onecure.com/


Here’s the route I’m planning to use http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Appletree+Point+Rd&daddr=Riverside+Ave+to:Mill+St+to:N+Concord+Rd/US-2+E+to:US-2+E+to:ME-27+S/Mercer+Rd/US-2+E+to:Harmony+Rd/ME-150+N+to:44.820812,-68.994141+to:Quoddy+Head+Rd&hl=en&geocode=FSYDpwIdGvOh-w%3BFf3QpgIduCaj-w%3BFWgjqQIdPMWo-w%3BFT1apgIdVvW3-w%3BFWxLpQIdPprC-w%3BFdwYqQIdrsPT-w%3BFVwHrgIdYOPZ-w%3B%3BFbzRqwIdGmoC_A&mra=dpe&mrcr=0&mrsp=7&sz=8&via=1,2,3,4,5,6,7&vps=13&jsv=196c&sll=44.754535,-68.554687&sspn=2.028445,3.405762&num=10 hmmmmm, hope that posts like I want it to. Many thanks to everyone for the support and I hope to see you guys out on the trails!

Recommendation: change your handlebar hold position! Those things look vertical - that is definitely not going to be comfortable on a long trip.

handle bars

just gave it a whirl today with the handles lowered. much better for the 10 miler! also protects my computer during upd!

New Posters

Here’s what my new posters for the event look like. It would be much appreciated if people could print them out and post them around your neck of the woods! Thanks

flyer 2.doc (22.8 KB)