Uni for a 7 year old, what size?

Hi Everyone-

A couple of years ago this group helped me pick out a uni for me. Thanks to
all who responded. Now my son wants to get a uni and his 7th birthday is
just a few days away. I know that he couldn’t fit on my 24" Torker.
So…what sizing should I look to get for him? He is nearly 48" inches tall
if that matters in the choice.

Thanks in advance.


u should chat to jason
i guess the choice is between a 16 and a twenty and if possible, i’d suggest getting him to sit on both
if he doesn’t feel uncomfy on the 20, i’d go with that
he’ll be able to ride it for longer

unicycle.com has trainer unicycles for children (reccomended for ages 8 and under, I believe). You might want to take a look at those.

I would go with the 20" so he could grow into it even if it’s a little too big at first.