uni flatlanding !

uni flatlanding with Marcus Hahn. I am 13 years old


enjoy !

your vimeo link doesnt work…

now its work !

ok i watched it on here anyway
it was realy good and your realy good :slight_smile:
and your flatlanding is great.

wow thats good :astonished: awesome infact lol. like your uni too.
the vimeo link does work btw

Nice vid. You’ve got a nice style and flow.

I Liked it!

Nice style, nice combos… Cool stuff :smiley:

Great Job!

i enjoyed it. the long combos where nice

yeah i like the rolling wrap to back roll to double rolling wrap to…

cool uni!

keep it up!


Haha yeah, it was really cool. Nice vid, good stuff.

commence thread jacking Hey Jon! I got some vid of you at Mondo lol. Not of you doing anything, just you sitting talking to people. I’ll post it to the youtube laters. (i was the kid with the trials uni, in the oddly tight volcom shirt haha) end of threadjacking

You crazy kids with your crazy flatland… I’m glad I’m a street rider.

Old school Linkin Park FTW!!!

Hawt vid.

Edit: Loved the double varial.

Cool vid, good stuff.

I wonder how many people who don’t ride flat notice when transitions are landed 1 footed or 2 footed.

I noticed and I don’t ride flat… when I get better at idling and backwards I will though :stuck_out_tongue:

:astonished: BTW that was Crazy!!! I think you are one of the best flat riders under 15! :astonished:

I notice. I’m sure we all do.

I don’t consider it a combo if you land one footed, gain your balance, then move on to the next trick.

Awesome video, cool stuff, liked the song but just don’t like when Linkin Park is used in sport videos anymore, overused.

yes, that annoyed me (i’m not sure if i qualify as a flat rider… i think i do but it’s debatable)

Still, the vid was quite enjoyable.