Uni Fest - Austin, TX - Feb 11,12,13

Hockey? Didnt you get the update? We cant brake the lines, we are still on strike! Oh sorry, thats the other guys. I dont know if anyone from SA has played hockey. Do we use a regular stick? I thought that MUNI was all about mud and stuff. Dont tell me you AUSTINITES are afraid to get the ARMOR ALL on your MUNI tires dirty. Does anyone know how many people will be going to the ride? I know that S.Wallis and I talked about making it, but we both have to be back in SA by 2pm. I know a bunch of the guys are driving up on Sunday for a full day of 1 wheel action!

What time does everything kick off on Sunday?

On both Saturday and Sunday the trials gym will be open at 10am. On Sunday the trials competition will start at 11am.

There’s also a coker ride scheduled for 9am on Sunday.


Everyone go off and get tired on the Coker ride so the competition is easier for us non-cokerers to win. : )

Yuh! you better go along too :stuck_out_tongue:

I just found out last night that there will be an all uni (not just cokers) ride around campus on Sunday at 9am.

The cokers will probably ride off on their own.

All campus rides begin in front of Bellmont Hall.


the muni ride on saturday is officially cancelled.:frowning:

Sorry to hear that Eric. I may come up on Sunday instead, not sure yet. At least you have some indoor events.


I will be driving up sunday 100%. If anyone would like to carpool call me. I will be taking the “ol ball n chain” (thank God she doesnt read the forums), and I think JR is doing the same. If they get bored, they will go shopping or something.

MUNI ride in san antonio at 8:00 on Saturday at OP, if anyone is interested!

Call me cell at 210-825-1433, im up till midnight and up at 6:30, thanks!

I’m driving Kyran up. See y’all there.:slight_smile:

Trials Competition Today! :sunglasses:

NICE JEFF! I will keep an eye out for ya guys on the road!

Call my cell if anything happens!

That was a pretty good time. Just couldn’t stay inside with such beautiful weather. So we went outside to play.
Thanks all who worked hard to put this event on.