Uni Fest - Austin, TX - Feb 11,12,13

Ok, it’s actually JuggleFest, but the unicycle part of JuggleFest is now bigger than ever.

There will be:

a UT campus ride that will be good for both beginners and expert trials-ers.

a muni ride that will accomadate experts and beginners.

a gymnasium filled with a bunch of trials props. again, beginners and experts will have something to play on. this room will be available from friday eve through sunday. on sunday there will be a trials competition.

Here’s a link to the official Juggle Fest info page

The details of the schedule will be worked out soon.

Post here with questions.

Please spread the word to those that might not read this.



This is gonna be fantastic. Especially since it’s just down the street from my dorm. Everyone better be there. EVERYONE!

I just found out I won’t be in town from Feb 9th to the 13th :frowning: but I’ll be back on the afternoon of the 13th. Will me and my friend’s still be able to make it to the trials room if we don’t get back until 2 or 3 pm? I’ll try to be there anyways, it sounds like fun.

i’m sure there will be people still there - probably till much later.



I wish I could make it to jugglefest this year but our baby boy is due on the 14th. I remember having some great times for several years at jugglefest. We put together a couple cool shows and used all cokers one year. Say hello to the gang for me, AJ, Steve W. Connie, Darren etc.

O man, it would be cool to see some new riders come into Austin for this event.

I’m definately going to walk outside my dorm and hit this up, and like MilkParrot said: EVERYONE better be there! :smiley:

I’ll try to get a day off and head up there.
Will there be a specific place and time to meet?

Unicycling > baby.

Jeff, I’ve got to work on the 12th also :frowning:
Maybe we can go up early Sunday morning ?

The trials room is:
http://juggling.place.org/jugglefest/directions.html <-link to directions

That’s actually the building connected to the stadium.

For the campus ride we will be meeting outside the entrance to that building on San Jacinto Blvd.

For the muni ride, this will probably be Walnut Creek Park. I can post directions and times later. I’m not sure yet which day will be the campus ride and which day will be the muni ride. They will both probably be in the morning.


We’ll be thinking of you during OUR uni meet!
South West Uni Meet- exeter, UK. Feb 12th!
Guess it’d be too much hassle to sort a sat link tho!


More Info:


Saturday, 9:30am - Muni Ride at Walnut Creek - directions

Saturday Afternoon - Campus ride. meet outside the entrance to Belmont Hall

Sunday, 9am - Coker ride. meet outside the entrance to Belmont Hall

Sunday, 11am- 2pm, Trials Competition.
Note: Per IUF rules for Trials Competitions, all riders must wear helmets, knee and shin protection and gloves or wrist-guards.

Sounds good, but GAH! GLOVES?`1/?!

If those really are required anybody got an extra pair or so?

gloves or wrist-guards. do you have wrist-guards? i do have an extra pair of those.


A helmet? I have to go buy a helmet now.

When does the trials room close on sunday? Will it even be open after the trials competition?

I think it closes around 6 or so. I would assume it would be open after the trials comp. It better be.

Hey Kenny

Sunday sounds good. I’ll be glad to drive.

I have Summers birthday party at 4 on Saturday, but just got a hall pass to make the muni ride in the morning. I am also ready to make the return trip on Sunday to watch action at the TRIALS COMP. with the rest of the gang from SA. Anyone else from SA going up Saturday? I smell a ROADTRIP!!! and maybe a couple of good ideas for our new playground!

I hope I have a muni to ride by that time??? HINT HINT…:smiley:

It will be only Sunday for me, I’ll be working 'til 2 on Saturday. Perhaps we can all carpool in my Suburban?