uni extreme

how good is this

yeah, That’s Maya Sugo, she’s really good.

I think she’s to good. But seriously that backwards stand-up glide is amazing!

that one sucks lol she falls off lol but i like this gurl better http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1CG36Qw39Q

I love that gurl.

i know just watching her ride makes me wish… welll thats not needed to be posted

I don’t want to hear it.

Matt, this girl is not Maya Sugo.


Thank you!! actually, the girl who you said sucks, she is pretty good. lol
but Im glad you like mine more.


I love your stand up gliding, that looks amazing.

I didnt really mean she sucked she 100 times better then me… i only wish i could do even half the stuff u guys sorry girls do… any lil tips u can give that could make me better then pratice lol

its Mai Sato.

Ohhhhhh!!! yeah! I couldn’t remember her name till now. I used to practice with her but I forgot her name. thank you for remained her name.


Thank you!!! Well, most Japanese freestyle rider can do it standup gliding tho:p


Do you get japanese muni/ trials riders? :thinking:

what do you mean?


Are there any japanese people that ride trials or Muni. Hell, let’s include street as well.

Ohhhh, Daiki does trials a little bit, and some japanese people do muni and trials.


I know that overseas, there are tons of bike trials riders. Its more recognized and popular over there. They even have publicly built trials parks by their skate parks.

That is so freaking amazing…

and about the age of this girl on the video?

she is amazing.

i like all the japanese freestylers