Uni events planning calendar

The goal here is to put up a list of events coming up in the next year or so. Links to specific threads or web sites for the events would also be helpful. This thread isn’t for discussion about the events, just a list so people can plan ahead.

My start - edit at will (particularly if you know how to do a table)!

Approx. date; Event Title; Location

February; AZ Muni Weekend; Phoenix, AZ, USA

August; Berkeley Juggling and Unicycling Festival; Berkeley, CA, USA

August/Sept; International Harper Day Ride; Hyak, WA, USA

September; Unicycle Tour of San Francisco; San Francisco, CA, USA

September; Minnesota MUni Weekend; Minnesota, USA

October; California Muni Weekend; Western US/Canada

October; Asheville Mountain Unicycle Festival; Asheville, NC, USA

October 2013; Uzbekistan Uni Tour, Adventure Unicylist; Uzbekistan

Good idea, we do that also in the german forum but it seems people dont add their events. Now there is the unicycle event Calendar online. SO if you are aware of 2013 events or 2014 ones, please make your accoun there and post them!