Yep, definitely improved since you got your new uni, and have been on the forums less :stuck_out_tongue: (I need to try that…).

thanks alot guys. it really helps… im learning how to grind too… i did a short one on the trailer… haha

Best vid yet…Good Job, You have definatly improved…Also you over used that one transition…But good video.


those stairs???

Nice work, fancy transition are kinda sketchy, but it was bearable this time.

You’re very determined it seems, not many people are like that.

what do you mean determined???

You have determination? You’re eager, persistent - look it up.

And by the overuse of transitions he meant the things you used to change from one clip to another, from movie maker (that make the video look slightly tacky).

oh okay…i get it i know what determined means but i didnt know if he meant it in a bad way…like determined to keep bugging people with new videos…i dunno nevermind… and ill change the transitions…

:slight_smile: I liked it.

I thought you weren’t allowed on those “rocks”?

+1 on the trials course.

And which you do a very good job of IMO.

if they arent painted im allowed on but as soon as they get painted i wont be able to and right now i might not be able to ride for a while cause o think a brkoe my tailbone…for real. i cant even sit on my uni with out alot of pian… and thanks for the last bit there skilewis…:slight_smile:

yur getting a lot better, thats for sure! still a bucnch of repeats, and a bit long w/o changing stuff up. yur so lucky to have that stuff to ride, and not to have snow and freezing weather ,for uniing anyway(but you do miss out on skiing:p ) the ladder was sick…coming along

thanks about the ladder…it is fun…and i still snowboard…

you really have gotten better. you got a nice place to ride:)


Please work on reducing pre-hops though.

It looks better with less pogo-sticking, as well as slows down tire wear considerably.

I taught a kid how to ride, and he wore through a Maxxis Max-Daddy tire, which is very similar to a Creepy Crawler, but harder compound, in like 3 weeks of riding because he did so many messy little correctional hops.

thanks dude. ill definantly work on that…when i can ride…again…

one other thing I noticed. the word that goes by the screen in the beginning of the video says “represen” rather than “represent.” no big deal just thought I’d mention it. You’re definitely improving.

i know. it sucks. i didn think snyone would notice… thanks.

i hate that when you make a typo in a movie and cant edit it out w/o re-rendering everything

yea. it soesnt matter much though…its not like im send ing a sponser video or anything. haha