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A little bit repetitive and not too many entertaining camera angles. no offense or anything but I was about to close it around the 2 minute mark until I saw you do a little wheel walking. Mostly I would say get a better camera angle of you riding. Seems like I just watched a tire bounce from rock to rock. Definitely appears that your riding is getting better.

I like the ladder… very skinny.
Lots of good stuff around you place to practice on. Nice setting… films well.
I’d keep the helmet on around there… you could easily bonk your head on a rock and the rock would win.
Nice job

Aw dude. that makes my week. finally some really good feedback! thanks so much.

In each video you’re getting better and better. Maybe you should consider however shooting in new locations other than just your house. Either that or convince your parents to let you be build a trials course on that huge property. I mean you’re already destroying everything else on it(trailer). Your variations in your videos are also improving. I watched one of your videos a while back that was just like 2 spots. Well keep up the good work, but loosen the pants.

haha…yea about the pants…i cant get my gaurds to feel comfy without the skin tightness…haha and its just the way i am…

I learned how to wheel walk a short distance, unispin, side hop 4 stairs, and 180 pretty well…

I already commented on youtube, but I also wanted to say this.

I think that an average rider can be made to look great with good camera angles, good editing, and music that fits really well.

Before unicycling videos, I have never really edited video before. What I find useful (very very useful) is to go find 3 or 4 videos that you really liked not only because of the riding, but because of good editing. Examples could be videos by Fredrick Justnes, Sam Haber, Dan Heaton, Brian Makenzie, many others that I am forgeting. The point is, go watch 3 of 4 well edited videos and take note of editing techniques, camera angles (what makes the stuff you’re riding on look bigger?), how the music fits with the video (are the “beats” in the riding matching the beats in the music?).

Now I’m not saying go watch some vids, take notes of what transitions and music and techniques they use and go make a vid with the same transitions and music and techniques and just substitute in your clips. Use those vids to kick start some creative editing ideas.

I’m rambling a little here but I just want to warn you against getting too fancy with transitions and effects when you’re getting creative with your editing.

Hope I could help:)


New camera angles+more filming locations=more enjoyable video

Huge improvement over all your other videos. I actually watched this whole video and wasn’t bored. I know that sounds bad but its not supposed to. Anyways I like the fact that your starting to gap things (4 stair) and your mixing it up with some different stuff.

Keep it up and build yourself a box!

a little boring but deffinatly getting better…i wanna see your next one:D

Yep, definitely improved since you got your new uni, and have been on the forums less :stuck_out_tongue: (I need to try that…).

thanks alot guys. it really helps… im learning how to grind too… i did a short one on the trailer… haha

Best vid yet…Good Job, You have definatly improved…Also you over used that one transition…But good video.


those stairs???

Nice work, fancy transition are kinda sketchy, but it was bearable this time.

You’re very determined it seems, not many people are like that.

what do you mean determined???

You have determination? You’re eager, persistent - look it up.

And by the overuse of transitions he meant the things you used to change from one clip to another, from movie maker (that make the video look slightly tacky).

oh okay…i get it i know what determined means but i didnt know if he meant it in a bad way…like determined to keep bugging people with new videos…i dunno nevermind… and ill change the transitions…

:slight_smile: I liked it.

I thought you weren’t allowed on those “rocks”?

+1 on the trials course.

And which you do a very good job of IMO.