Uni drawing in "Wealth" magazine

March 2004 issue.

A pretty cool logo for a Uni club in Vegas!

that shock actually looks like it could work :astonished:

it would break way easily though, I think, and that would HURT. the seatpost would go down and hit the tire, and catch it so the seat falls backwards, and all that stuff. so I don’t think it’d work.

But what about the ‘shock’ in the seat. That would certainly work.

What would the shock work for? The little bumps on the street and the roots on the muni trail? Remember that shocks between the axle and saddle are only good while you are riding with all of your weight on the saddle, not for any sort of jumps and high impacts. I, personally, have explained this maybe 10 times before, so i’ll assume that most people understand that.

So, would you really be that interested in shocks when you are just riding around? It seems like it would give you a sort of bouncy effect that would bother me. I like the structure as it is, for just riding around. Of course, i don’t muni, so it may be different on the trails.

Thinnest tire ever…