Uni drawing and Calculus

As you all know, unicycling IS an addiction, and a true unicyclist thinks about the sport ALL the time. To prove my addiction to unicycling… and how boring my calculus class is, I submit, for your approval this picture. Go to this address to see what I did today in math.
-David Kaplan

Since the edit time has expired, I am adding this comment to my original post: How often do you draw pictures of unis? are they usually ones in production, or fantasy unis?
-David Kaplan

Nice graphic. Finally a useful application for a handheld calculator. I have actually watched a person divide 600 by 2 on one of those.

I don’t draw pictures of unicycles…just hubs. Hubs with brakes (breaks), get it?

Re: Uni drawing and Calculus

I’ve always wanted to work unis into my art projects for school. I was able
to do one last year and it went to state in the art contest. No good
projects have come up this year yet.

Do share. Come on, we will be nice. I wanna see some more of dem dare purdy purdy pictures.
-David Kaplan

Re: Uni drawing and Calculus

“UniDak” <UniDak.p9qa@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote in message
> unicycling… and how boring my calculus class is,

Calculus is boring? I’m shocked!

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Just incas you are not kidding, imagine having Ben Stein (the guy from ferris bueler’s day off) as your teacher. Mine is pretty much the same way.
-David Kaplan

What would be really interesting is if you could come up with a series of equations in Cartesian or polar coordinates to plot a unicycle. When I was in high school, I found an equation that plotted a heart. It had something to do with an absolute value ± a square root. The + would plot the two humps of the top of the heart. The - would plot the bottom V of the heart.

The wheel would be simple in polar coordinates. Just radius=1. Then, you could do one of those pretty flowery spirals to do the spokes. Take it from there!


The function is called a cartioid (guess why).

A cartiod is different from what I’m talking about. BTW, the cartiod is the base shape for the Mandelbrot set. For those who don’t know. If you take two circles of the same diameter (2 pennies) and fix one penny so it doesn’t move, then take the second one and roll it on the first (so that it rolls around the penny, with the edges touching, both flat on the table), and follow where a fixed edge location goes (lincoln’s head), it traces out a cartiod. It’s kinda like a butt facing east.

A cartiod is plotted in polar, my heart one was in cartesian. Ah, I’ll never remember what it was.

I wonder if the folks at the Unicycle Factory would make a cartiod wheel. They have those silly kangaroo wheels where the axle is off center.


That’s nothing. I tutor at the local community college in an introductory algebra class, and I see people use a calculator to add and multiply by 0 and 1. And of course multiply by powers of ten.

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— harper <harper.r1uq@timelimit.unicyclist.com>
> erike wrote:
> > When I was in high school, I found an equation
> that plotted a heart.
> >
> >
> >
> The function is called a cartioid (guess why).
> r=1+cos(n*pi+theta)
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Your knowledge amazes me. We learned that in Calc last
semester and I was thinking of replying to the thread,
and then I saw your reply!


Nick Cegelka


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Re: Uni drawing and Calculus

On Tue, 26 Feb 2002 16:26:13 -0600, harper
<harper.pe4o@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

>I don’t draw pictures of unicycles…just hubs. Hubs with brakes
>(breaks), get it?

If describing the event that happened in your alpha testing as
“braking” as opposed to “breaking” makes you feel any better, well…
I think it is still an appropriate description of what happened so why

Klaas Bil

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Maybe its Because my calculator sucks (or I do), but i keep getting a cosine curve with 2 as the base line and an amplitude of 2. Its probably cause I’m horrible at math, but I would really like to do this thingie. what am I doing wrong?
-David Kaplan

Sounds like you are not using polar coordinates.
For more details, look at

Have fun,

While we are well off topic, let me add: Fred’s forum title is “Fred, Uni Gwaihir” (The great eagle known as the Windlord).

I suppose this a referance to your ability to ride ‘spread eagle’ -gliding with belly on seat, arms and legs held out in starfish ridgidity? Please post video!



windlord, off topic

good guess. If I ever make a video of riding spreadeagled stomach on seat I will post it.
Here is the real reason for the name “Uni Gwaihir”:

Let’s see if this URL gets broken up…



I envy your glide ratio (I was partly right!)… I hope to do some more hang gliding this spring. You have to work those thermals a bit more to stay up- but unlike a glider, you get to land like a bird, too :slight_smile: (and get bugs in your teeth). Great picture- I’ll send some along when I get off the training hills…



Sure, the better glide ratio makes x-country trips much easier (last year I went on two 500km out and return trips in NV/CA), but you can use weaker conditions…
We should probably communicate off this list unless we manage to find some uni content: I cannot use my uni instead of the glider’s regular landing gear … you could… think about it.