Uni dot com gel saddle

Hi within the next week i will be getting a new uni and have found a saddle on unicycle.com called the UDC gel saddle. I was wondering if anyone has one or has used one of these saddles and is it good quality like, comfort, strength etc.
any help is greately apreciated.

byza_dog, You are a lucky person.

I just got my UDC gel seat a week ago. I have a Koxx One Gel and a new UDC Gel (available from unicycle.uk.com) . I like them both, but the UDC is less expensive, has a more durable seat backing.

When I hop, the Koxx One gel seat handle gives and creaks like something it’s lose. I’ve tightened the seat and handle to point of over tightening. The UDC doesn’t creak. While I think the seat frames are identical, the UDC feels sturdier.

Comfort wise, I haven’t noticed much difference between the rounded edges of the UDC and the more squared edge of the Koxx. I do like the thinner seat foam compared to the Kris Holm’s style seats.