A while back I was really sick with a flu/cold and then got a secondary infection. It took me almost 3 weeks to fully recover and during most of that time I didn’t ride. My mind wanted to, but my body wouldn’t allow it. It was depressing ---- the uni just sittin’ there saying, “C’mon! Take me out for a spin!” Does anyone relate to this “depressed” feeling when you can’t ride?

I grew up Catholic, so the feeling of missing a day of riding is more like guilt.

Work, weather, and being tired prevent me from riding sometimes. One week of no riding might be ok, but after that I start to get uni-depressed. (Except in winter when I didn’t expect to ride much and I do other things)

…for better or worse, i actually have the opposite problem. i always want to ride my uni, even when I know should be riding my two-wheeler or running. my intention when I started uni two years ago was to make it part of a cross-training routine, but it’s so damned fun that it’s taking over. my solution is to make the uni rides longer and longer so hopefully they’ll get boring and i’ll move back to hiking and runnning, but so far it’s not working out that way. my regular sunday ride for the last 3 weeks is now a 60-miler, and i’m already looking for ways to stretch it out. then there’s the commute route that i should really be biking, but it usually ends up being a uni ride, too. this really has to stop.

oh, btw: seattle uni riderz: the sunday route is the fantastic counter-clockwise loop of lake washington. i usually park on mercer island, head through bellevue, north through the juanita hills, back down to the burke-gil trail, over to the uw, then either cut back across i-90 (short variation) or complete the loop by heading s. into renton and around. wanna hook on? it’s really fun! with breaks, i try to do the full lap in 5.5 hours, or the short version in <4. jump on! :slight_smile:

I have not missed a day this year. So far no uni-depression. :smiley:

YooNeeNoob - you need to get hooked on www.strava.com so we can follow along.


My uni made a depression in my shin just the other day. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can totally relate. I’ve been riding on average 3-5 times/week for the last 18 months or so. In general, if I don’t ride for 4 days I’m feeling strange. At the start of my (present) 3-month long vacation I didn’t ride for 12 days :astonished: :(!! and I was starting to feel it (now in the last 5 days I’ve ridden 3 times and riding again tomorrow and the day-after-next).

I’m so lucky that I it is possible to commute to work by unicycle frequently (a little less than 10 miles one way along a great bike path along the river). That really allows me to not have to skip many days (actually I usually now ride more consistently when I am working than on vacation, as strange as that may seem).

oh, btw: seattle uni riderz…[/QUOTE]

Since you are in the Seattle area you should ride with us in the Fremont Solstice Parade June 20th! If you need more information please let me know.

No depression at first. But, since my memory is so short, if I don’t ride for a week or two, I can’t believe how much my skills diminish…then the depression sets in. :angry: