Hey Girly men and Manly women!

This Is an OPEN invitation to Participate in the FIRST ever

November 12th 2006 in Estacada, Oregon (that’s ‘or-i-gun’ for those of you east of the rockies)
Details can be found @ http://www.crosscrusade.com

If you don’t Race, I can’t beat you !

Do it Do it Do it Do it !

This is for real. There are no prizes. There are no awards. There are no excuses!

Again, this is real, man! Come and Ride! Quit talkin’ about waxing your 'taints and ride like the wind!
You could win.
Yes, that would be cool.
Don’t miss it!!

why would i pay $20 bucks to ride one lap in the mud? you do know that the unicycle race is just one lap right?

this is also not the “first ever” it happened last year and the year before…its also happened a few times this season already!

Why are Unicyclers so Damned Fragile?

So maybe it’s not an open invitation.

Let’s start by excluding self-important sissy boys who obviously had trouble passing their Salem Public School System 6th grade reading comprehension exam. If this is you, perhaps you shouldn’t even bother. Stay at home. Polish your Hummels.

Everyone else…We’d LOVE to see you out there !!!


Dont get all pissy at us when you get set right by someone who knows their stuff.

From your first post, anyone can obviously see you haven’t done much research about our sport. By saying that this event is the first ever is so wrong. There has been many races and competitions that have gone on for unicycles, which have incredible turnouts and is great fun.

I also agree about the lap we get. Only one measly lap? That kinda sucks. lol

The event sounds fun, but it would be a lot better if you added more options for us unicyclers. You’d be surprised at we are able to do. =p

Anyways, I wont be able to make it down there for the event, but hopefully a good group can and do the one race.

What does Washington do with it’s Tax money?

Holy Crap!

I thought that Washington State actually had a decent public school system.

I must have been wrong. So sorry. I Guess I’ll look into charter schools if I ever move up there.

That’s 2 (count 'em! two!) Self-important (and seemingly illiterate. Who knew??) sissy-boys!

Anyone else want to spin the wheel??? Anyone…anyone…?

This is a thread started by someone who was literally “born yesterday.” That’s when Doper (aptly named) was born into this forum. And he learns fast. He can use bold, large print and lots of exclamation points. Kind of like someone who’s yelling. Not really saying anything; just yelling.

This is almost spam but I can’t toss it in the Trash Receptacle because there is actually a link to an event with the word “unicycle” in it. Maybe we should post a photo or drawing of one so Doper could see what they look like. But I would suggest going easy on him because he clearly knows nothing about the sport and ignorance tends to make one yell a lot. And besides, we might go down to Oregon and win a beanie or a pack of goo for paying $20 and riding a lap (don’t forget the single race membership fee of $5 also.) Checks payable directly to Doper, I suppose?

Show mercy and let this thread quickly die the death it so deserves.

Mmm, not counting the regestration fee to ride a single lap, on short notice, would anyone go to it if it was free, with unlimited laps? What is uni-cyclocross?

Forrest - google for cyclocross - sort of mtb’ing w/obstacles.

I rode in a unicycle division of a cyclocross with Chrashing a year or so ago, so this ain’t the first.

The OP is rude. Despite this, how long is a lap? If it was 2 or 3 miles around the circuit or more I’d attend this race if I was within a couple hours’ drive.

Nuthin’ Like a Two Dollar Hand Job

Self important sissy-boys,
After noticing a common theme within your ranty little bitch-fests, I looked again at the flyer. It does not, in fact, mention the entry fees for the UNI category. Want to know how much it will cost you to race??


*Plus a one day license fee of $5. If you can do the math and follow the asterisk, you are probably more than one standard deviation above the mean. be proud!!!

Now unbunch your panties and ride!!!

Sayyyyy, how long did it take the rest of you unicyclers to learn to use an exclamation point??? Don’t worry, if you haven’t figured it out yet. According to this Harper fellow, it is an ‘advanced’ skill. What about question marks ??? when can I expect to learn to use them ???
Hmmmmmmmm??? I’m all a-titter! Do tell!

But mostly, boys and girls…PLEASE STAY IN SCHOOL ! I’m rooting for you!

In case the entry fee is actually scaring any interested riders away, the fee is actually only $2 (not $20).

Also, the part about “World Championships” is a joke. Remember sarcasm?

As for the one lap, it is about 1.5-2 miles.

Yes, the event is on-going, but it still pretty unique in my opinion. And having raced a couple of times in the series, I have to say it’s a blast.

If you live in the area, ride Muni and haven’t checked it out, you should swing by one of the races. It’s a good time, and you get mad love from the fans who realize that it takes major cahones to compete in cyclocross on a dang unicycle.

Peace out.

hahah wtf

here is a link to some pictures of last weeks race:

Remember, though, last week was just a warm-up. The world championships are in Estaceta!

If you believe that screaming immature diariaha at us will make us want to come, think again. Maybe you had trouble in your childhood, or you have rashes on your anus, but please don’t insult us as a community. Insulting and trying to make out that you are superior to us by stating that we have no education and that harper forgot a ?. Your event sounds like crap, and run by a bunch of assholes. Go somewhere else.

Have you ever considered telemarketing?

My. That was an easy button to find and push. Thanks for the foul language in your post title and your post. An “advanced” skill you’re passing on to your children, I presume? Please don’t pass it along to ours, just keep that part for yourself.

so funny! so damn Funny!

This has been sooooo much fun!
I am DYING with laughter!!!
Can’t breathe…laughing…Choking…laughing!!!
!!! Oh my god! Whew!

I’m a fag!

what is this now?

why is this guy such a douche?

I know you’re just trying to insult the original poster, but it comes off as an insult to gay people. I bet dollars to donuts that Doper is hetero, though likely a frustrated one.

Anyway, if I were in the area, I’d heed the wise words of pdxdan and ride in the event. Cyclocross is way fun (esp. on a uni) and I never met anyone there who disrespected me at all. In fact they were all way into it. It’s a great exposure for us as a sport as so many bikers see it and some will ask to try your uni and might even start uni’ing!:smiley:

hey, that guy insulted individual users and cursed

come on guys, it sounds like fun, but I do agree that there might be a better person to present this to us, unicross? do they even get to call it a world championships? … will there be people representing enought countries? will there be anyone who is not american? I doubt it.

Wow everyone got really worked up over someone who was clearly just trying to get you guys pumped up for an event. Did anyone else find that he wasn’t being an ass, he was just being annoying and trying to ajitate (did I spell that right?) you into coming. It’s like when one kid sais come on sissy I dare you to jump or how sometimes in movies you see trainers calling the guy who is clearly not a noob, a sissy and a failure just to pump him up. It’s just a marketing technique (although in this case I guess it definatly didn’t work).

… damn I should be in marketing or something and not cooking, this is the second post in a row I have made on the topic of marketing strategies.