Uni.com order - long wait!

Well I ordered my new KH seat from Uni.com just about right when they posted that they had them in stock. They sent me a note saying that it was mailed out on Jan. 2nd. Granted I asked it to go by regular post rather than courier as I am never home during the working hours that courier companies deliver stuff. But still tomorrow it will be three weeks since Uni.com said they mailed the seat out. Seems kind of long even if it is from the US to Canada.

What do you think? Stay a patient a little longer or give Uni.com a shout asking them to double check to make sure the order REALLY went out…?


You could give them a call if you would like, but it doesn’t surprise me that it hasn’t made it yet. Going through the normal postal system takes longer than UPS, plus you have to go through customs (searching the seat for drugs and such). I would say wait a week, unless you really can’t stand the wait.

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I won’t stop twitching unless I know when and where it is; with UPS you can track it’s progress- well worth minor difference in cost (for me, anyway).


everything I’ve ordered from uni.com took 10 working days tops (to Ontario) Spickydoo once got something from them in a week.

I just ordered mine 2 days ago.

Maybe I’ll ge mine first? :wink:

Did they send along a tracking# confirmation? I got one when I placed my order

This isn’t reglau mail though, next time go ups, and when you’re not there, you just get it the next day

Hey Erin,

What was the price difference between UPS and regular mail to Canada? Does the “brokerage fee” situation differ when you use with regular mail? Just curious.

Sorry to hear that your saddle is moseying so slowly over the 49th parallel! You could send uni.com an email and inquire as to what the usual post time is from Georgia to BC, just to make you sleep more soundly…maybe find out what grade of mail service they used…

good luck,

CAll them! and or email - don’t wait

I say just put your trust in Uni.com. They’re good people!!

Welll will you look at that, another case of Murphy’s law. Finally when I could stand it no longer and posted my complaint about having to wait so long for the new Velo seat… lo and behold a note arrives in the mail to say the seat has arrived and awaits my bottom… well at least it sits on the shelf at the PO for me to pick up…

Patience, if only I had just a little more of it!

Anyways, tomorrow I’ll scamper down to the postal outlet and claim my long awaited seat.

Thanks for listening to my whining and thanks for all your suggestions…


I told you so. :slight_smile:

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