uni column online

Hi everyone!

Since I am the Arts and Entertainment editor for our campus newspaper, I decided
to write a column about unicycling. YOu can read it online at
http://sdsucollegian.com/ - just click on “Arts & Ent” on the side and then
click on the headline “One wheel is double the fun.”

I have gotten lots of comments from students saying they read it. I was
surprised that people were interested. I’m not sure if it will make more
unicyclists on campus, but we’ll see!

by the way - for that pic of my sister and me passing clubs on our unis, we
lasted about 1.5 seconds!

have a good one, Tammy :slight_smile:

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Re: uni column online

Hi Tammy! I would like to see the article (one wheel-double fun) you wrote but I
guess it would only show up on the day of your posting to this newsgroup?