Uni colour

I am trying to conferm a suspision. I think the most common colour for a unicycle is chrome. The next most common color is blue, followed by black, and then either red or orange. So if people can tell me what colour there unis are, I can get a good estimate. By colour I mean the major colour, or frame colour. I will start. I have a chrome one and a black one.

silver and black

1 puke green
1 blue
3 chrome
1 yellow

1 blue, 1 black

find alot of uni’s dont even have a colour scheme. But those that do seem to lean towards blak, blue and red.

Black with Yellow here.

purple and yellow like my dad Colnago bicycl.

but yellow and black are nice with a radiation sign on it.

  1. flat red
  2. shiny black with red metal flecks.

I am only looking for the major colour, so you don’t need to tell me things like it has red metal flecks, but if you want to show off your unis finish, go ahead!:wink:

3 chrome ones.

Two Blue, and one Chrome.


one crome, one black

3 chrome (coker, 2 x 20")
1 black (29er)
1 grey (muni)

2 crome (nimbus)
1 black (onza)

i had a uni that was previously painted silver (very badly), but i redid it to make it a flaming red:D

1 Black/silver SH MUni
1 Yellow KK MUni
1 Anodized Bronze KK MUni
1 Red KK Coker
1 chrome Sun 28"
1 chrome p.o.s 24"

2 blue (KH20 05 and broken uniquo)
1 white (Homebuilt 12" ?)
1 black (Homebuilt standard)
1 purple/white (Homebuilt giraffe)

3 chrome ( 28, 20, 16)
1 red (uniquo or however you spell it)
1 black (lx)


Chrome Trials
Chrome 16"
Chrome 12"
Chrome coker:D
black giraffe
blue BC
Black BC
Black BcUni

1 chrome
1 black

1 orange
2 chrome