uni color scheme

hi, it hought up another color scheme for my trials uni. it would be a black frame, black seatpost, and black saddle, with black tire, hot pink rim, hot pink pedals, and a hot pink seat clamp.

sorry 4 the bad drawing

the pic isnt working:(
edit: omg that looks horrible :stuck_out_tongue:

uni.bmp (960 KB)

Kind of like Koxx’s pink lady?

thats were i got the idea. i was going 2 do a hot pink frame, but every1 said that that was jess reigal’s(sp?) thing, and that I probably wouldnt like it in a few years, so then i thought of this.

Maybe then no one should be riding KH unicycles since that’s Kris Holm’s thing. I honestly dont think that just because Jess has a pink frame that you shouldnt be able to, do what you want.

yea, i know, but then i realized that I wanted a white frame and a white rim, and know i want this. i really havent decided yet.

Seem pretty stupid to me to put alot of money into just a paint job, but hey, thats just me.


Look at http://unicycling.rult.org/Spray_Day_2006.74.0.html


I’ve been doing the hot pink frame longer than jess, but its cool that poser knows who owns. If you want a pink frame go for it no one will care.


im thinking of getting a bc with a hot pink rim, so if i get that then ill go 4 the pink rim so it matches.


Might it look something similar to this?




AndyC strikes again!

true dat just ride if you only uni so you can have a pretty unicycle then you shouldnt be unicycleing

i was thinking of brighter pink. How did u do that?

Is this the pink you wanted?

unicycle creator#5.bmp (202 KB)

yea, more like that

looks like a nice uni that will stand out and look really cool.

is there a way to paint a handle bumber so that it looks like the color you want?

The problem with this is that you’d have to constantly need to touch it up with falls as the original color will continue to show through as the bumpers get scratched up over and over again. It might make sense to leave that black.

ah, thanks. I should email Kris Holm and c if he could make a hot pink fusion cover. that would be awesome:)

Just email UDC or Bedford…they would kno.