Uni color scheme idea

Here’s a pic of a bike with colors tha “blend” into each other, like on the top of the frame. That idea might also translate well to a uni, eh? :slight_smile:


Maybe…But not in those colors. I wouldnt be caught dead on that thing yeesh.

I wasn’t referring to those specific colors-just the “blending” concept.

I think if you could find some good clours it would look good.

like red yellow and orange… that would be cool

I’m getting back my summit trials and coker frames tomorrow; they have both been powder coated, along with cranks, seat posts and clamps…too bad I didn’t think of the “blending” idea in time,or I would’ve had that done instead of solid colors. Oh well, I really can’t complain since I don’t have to pay! I know they will both look good either way!:smiley:

brazilian bike scheme :stuck_out_tongue:

i wonderif it would be possible to do black at the bottom blending into white at the top? that would look really good.