Uni Club in western NC

Hello, all.

There is a new unicycle club in western NC. If anyone is interested, send an email to blueridge_uniclub@yahoo.com. The club is pending USA affiliation.

I sent you an e-mail

You anywhere near virginia tech?

Quite a ways from VA Tech

Sorry, we’re about 4 hours away from you. You might check out www.unicycling.org/usa to find a roster with people close to you.

how many people are there in it? uni clubs are really fun!:slight_smile:

How many members

So far we have 7 people. Not many, but a good start.

Are you in the area? or just curious?

Great going!
I am starting a club in central PA. We meet once a week, Started May 1. We have between 2 and 12 people showing up. Been a lot of fun!

Good luck!