Uni Claus Yard Cut Out

Hippy Holidaze All,
For the last 4 years this has been our Christmas yard feature.

I painted it but copied it off a small picture that we have but never use anymore called the Uni Santa. He would ride around the tree, still works… a pain to set up and mount to tree.
Lots of folks comment on out cool Uni Claus!

That’s so cool! Next year have him doing a crank flip!:stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome, I wanna drive by your house sometime!

coolest thing I’ve seen all week

Haaaa… I would like to have him doing a major drop from the roof.

Hey ,ride by on your uni…

That makes my day!

Wow, you did an awesome job of painting that it looks 3d. Is it made from plywood and how tall is it? I want one.

I blush :slight_smile:
It is plywood and is 7 feet tall.
Painted in one manic night.

That. Is. Amazing!!

Neat. much nicer than the c**p people buy from maplins and stick their front garden round here.