Uni christmas tree ornaments

I know this subject came up last year, but this year I’ve done something about
it and have made some little unis for our tree, they are made from florists wire
, vary from 3cm to 10cm in height and are based on Trine’s uni earring design.
each takes about 10 minutes to make ( tho I could do them quicker if I wasn’t
running a lighting desk at the same time ( Panto season again) using just wire
and a pair of fine pliers, I twist the wire double to make it stiffer for the
larger size ones.


Re: Uni christmas tree ornaments

CUTE. I want one, will be keeping an eye open now, it wasn’t in the gadget<<
shop was it? or discovery store? we have those two in the Oracle. (like Blue<<
water but rather smaller) <<

No it was a shop with a nautical theme - I can’t remember the name.