Uni-Century story on CBS 2 News!

I met with a reporter at the beach yesterday who had seen my story in the paper, and wanted to do a short segment on my upcoming 100 mile uni ride on 7/11/10. It aired last night, 7/6/10, on CBS 2 News at 6:28pm.

I only just found out that it actually aired, and luckily I had programmed my vcr to tape it in case it was on while I was out riding! I only found it when I scanned through 2 hours of what I recorded, but had missed it the first time, lol! It’s short, but hey, it’s something! :slight_smile:

and it’s a good cause too!

shortest segment ever

Exactly! Hopefully more people will make a donation to the American Cancer Society here. :slight_smile: CBS’s time constraints forced a fair amount of footage to be edited out, but I’m glad they mentioned it was to benefit the ACS! And I’m happy they also mentioned that I was dedicating it to the memory of my mom. :slight_smile:

Wow, I think the ad to tell about it was longer than the actual clip but cool your getting good publicity.

Nope, my “Ocean Force” appearance was only about 2 seconds, lol! But it’s publicity just the same, so I can’t complain. :smiley: Another paper covers the story tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Suh-weet! Short and sweet. In such a short time I think they captured the key points

A) you are old
B) a hundred miles is a long distance
C) it will be harder on one wheel
D) it’s for two good causes

On TV . . . now you are really on the hook to finish.

We’re rootin’ for you.

You’re right, they did cover the essentials. I just added a bit to your quote. :):D:o

Thanks. You’re right, they did cover the essentials. I just modified your quote a tad. :):D:o

how many times have you been on TV that you know of?

Hmm, I don’t know. If you mean only for unicycling, I think it’s about 3-4 times.

The other times it’s been on America’s Most Wanted but he’s not counting those ones :D.

Nice coverage Terry.

Haha yeah, wanted for riding my uni through Home Depot, Target, Kmart, the local library…so far I’ve eluded capture! One cashier was heard screaming, “Roll it, Roll it!” :p;)

I took my 36er in to my LBS to replace a stripped nut on my KH touring bar bracket, and also to have the spokes tightened up just a bit since they were a bit on the flexy side. While the owner, who is a great bike repair technician, was going through the spokes one by one, and making only slight tightening adjustments, one spoke SNAPPED! :astonished:

(I’ve heard from several people that there was/is a certain bad batch of silver, not black 36er spokes that have been prone to breaking)

I thought, oh crap…I don’t have any back up spokes that size, and not a single bike shop anywhere in a 100 mile radius had any spokes even remotely close to 360mm long! So my LBS guy told me that he could use a “coupler” and repair the broken spoke.

So then I called Josh at UDC, but didn’t think I could get them in time. I told him what happened, and so he’s going to overnight about a dozen replacement kh 36er spokes to me, and I’ll have them tomorrow, in plenty of time before my 100 mile ride this Sunday! Thanks Josh! The way I see it, it’s better that it snapped in the shop, rather than on my ride! :):D:o

(And I’ll be taking a couple extras with me on the rode…just in case!)

not sure one really needs a rode while riding the road with one’s unicycle. May your ride be filled with joy.

Thanks Raffi. I’m really looking forward to it! :smiley:

I hope it goes well for you on Sunday, Terry. Gentle tailwinds there and back.


Thanks Eoin! Yeah, tailwinds are always great…especially on the way back! :smiley:

Here’s a pic of that quick 36er spoke repair my LBS did in case I couldn’t get a replacement spoke in time for my ride. The other pic show a great place to keep some spares, for quick fixes in the field! :slight_smile:

Terry, I’d love to ride with you (some of the way…100 miles at your pace is probably out of my league), but will be out of town that day.

Best of luck and its great you’re doing it for a good cause.

Thanks Loren! I will have several biking buddies riding along at various points, and some on 3-wheeled recumbents! I met a group of them last Saturday, and one guy named Mike, shot some footage of me as he passed by (he was doing a good 18mph!) and sent me the footage.

I think he was using a gopro hd with the super wide angle. I need to get one of those! :smiley: