uni carboot???

I was thinking that maby we could have a carboot sale at BUC 13 so that peole could get rid of there spares and not have to worry about postage also you could get some extra cash to spend, and it could come in really handy if any one broke anything??/
what do you think?

Fantastic idea!

At BUC 11 I was trying to sell a learner uni and there was no way of advertising it apart from telling people :S

I would keep in mind that it may be a little unfair to unicycle.com if they set up shop like they usually do. Perhaps asking them if they give consent?

Apart from that -go for it! Get organising!

See you there!

I aint gonna be organising it, as i only have a crap seat and a pashly frame, it was an idea for some one else, or there poele if they had a fair bit of stuff (if they grouped up for example)

what is a carboot??

its like, i think you call them, a garrage sale or something, its tradisonally were you take all of your old stuff that you dnt realy want/need and sell it on to theres, sort of like a market, but its secondhand stuff, usually get cheap stuff, my uncle got a uni for £10!!