Uni Bumpersticker

I was so impressed by JJuggle’s “I UNICYCLE, I VOTE” bumpersticker, that I decided to make one for myself. Then I noticed that the more you have made, the less they cost. So I’ve decided to have lots made and sell all but one of them to you guys! With the upcoming elections, these bumperstickers make the perfect bipartisan, unicyclisan political statement. The meager poceeds will go towards getting some webspace and a domain name for the Hell on Wheel gang. Cost will be $3. Tell me what you guys think about it, I’m open to discussing changes. Anybody interested?

edit: Sorry, I guess this only applies to people in the U.S.

i vote.bmp (751 KB)

For the record, and before anyone jumps down Frank’s throat, he was kind enough to ask me first if it was OK for him to use my idea. :slight_smile:

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Re: Uni Bumpersticker

we’ve got an election coming up to u know?!


alltho for the south african campaign i’m likely to modify the famous slogan ‘one settler, one bullet’ somewhat

what do u think

‘one settler, one unicycle’
‘one unicyclist,…’

:stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I, for one, like it. It will go alongside the sticker I just ordered from Tommy & the MUC.

Please post details.

Too cool!

I have to have one. Maybe two. Maybe enough to put next to all my bikers friends stcikers. -Naw, that would be too many.

Count me in for at least a few.


Well, I figured I’d wait and see how many people were interested before deciding how many to have made. So far it doesn’t look like many. Come on guys, this is a good way to show your support for pro-uni legislation.

But I’m definately having some made no matter what. So, if you’d like one, drop me a PM and I’ll give you my address. Again, cost is $3; checks should be made out to Frank Brown. Once I decide how many to have made, you should get it within a week or so. I’ll pay for shipping.


I’ll take one. I like bumper stickers that make you say “wtf?”, and I think this qualifies.

I’ll take a couple.

Can we pay you via PayPal? What email address?

Sorry, I’m afraid I have no idea how paypal works. Old fashioned cash or check will work fine for me. Just PM hell-on-wheel.

count me in for one, thanks : )


of course ill get one! will they be ready by toque?

I just printed one off of your attachment/link. Looks nice, I’m not much into bumperstickers tho so I’ll just magnet it to the fridge to freak out the family. thanks, :sunglasses:

I’ll take one or two, maybe three. Great piece of Uni memorabilia.

Here’s the final product, of much higher resolution:

frank_copy resized.jpg

I forgot to mention that they’re 3X10".

For comparison, the “powered by unicycle.com” stickers are 3X11".

I would also like a few. Let us know when they are ready to go.

They’re here!

They came in the mail today. I’ve already got one on my truck; looks beautiful! I’ll post a picture as soon as my roommate comes home with her digital camera. If you’d like one just drop me a PM.

My roommate didn’t come home til after dark, so I’ll have to post that picture tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and I’ll bring a bunch to TOque. So if you want one and are gonna be there, there’s no reason to get the postal service involved.

BUMP…er sticker

Edit: Whoa, sorry so big, at least you get a good detailed look at it.

Wait, what does the bottom say? I can’t quite read it. Maybe a bigger picture would be helpful.