Uni --built from trading post parts

This the start of my street uni I have built with parts bought mostly from forum members. It is:
KH 20 frame (Ktkartch)
Moments cranks (captinwrench)
KH hub (thenoli)
Alex DX rim w/spokes,luna tire+ KH fusion freeride seat (benC)
crappy 25.4 post (w/shim for 27.2 frame) and crappy pedals I had already

The only isis cranks I have right now are the 125/150 moments I have on right now. I bought them for a nimbus 24" I bought thinking it was an isis hub, it wasn’t. I am going to get some ventures and give them the brushed alum. look also. I need to get a proper seat post and some better pedals and it will be done.

thanks for the parts you guys


nice how much did it cost overall

i love the mix of old school rim and modern hub!

I will have just under $300 into It after I buy pedals,seat post(on sale) and swap the moments for ventures. Probably eisier to buy a used uni—not as much fun. I still can’t decied if I should drill the rim or not? I only have 100 bucks into the hub, rim, spokes,tire and pro wheel built. I thought that was pretty good considering all the wheel parts were very very close to new!

hay its still really cheap