Uni bonfire 9/29/07 fun!

Well we all had a great time at the uni bonfire, organized by Adam Brody of the Orange County Uni club! About 25 uni-riders showed up, including Tod (onelesscar) and Tim (Unimog). I videotaped as much as possible but lost the light soon after arriving as the sun dipped below the ocean!

I entered a few contests like the hopping-in-place contest. About 8 of us started, and then after TEN looong minutes, there was only one…ME! I did over 1,800 total hops! Yeah baby!:stuck_out_tongue:

A little later some jerk drove his car up near the area where we were riding (on a basketball court just above the beach) (no cars allowed there) to pick up some firewood or something, and RAN over one of the kid’s unicycle! He was like, “sorry, but it was only a unicyle.” His attitude quickly changed after the kid’s mom confronted him and we got his license number. As if poetic justice, his car wouldn’t start after that! Haha. But we all had a great time!

Yeah, but you lost the one-foot idling contest :stuck_out_tongue:

true, that one was down to me and you, but it started as just a regular iding contest, then suddenly it was changed to one-foot idling and I messed up in the transition. Congrats on the win!:slight_smile:

i won the hopping race(although your uni did weigh more that mine)

Sounds like alot of fun I wish I lived near anyone.

The contests were all just kinda spur of the moment and nothing was really “official” it was all just for fun, which it sure was! :smiley:

You totally owned us on that one and finished like an hour before everybody else! :wink: Good job Tyler!

sounds like you guys had a blast!

i wish there were more trials/street riders where i lived.