uni/bmx video

two days of messing around basically…

Wicked! I loved the bmx, you are really good!
Not so sure on the music, but a great video!

Rock on!

Awesome video. Even though I’ve seen you do much more dificult stuff, the style and uniqueness makes it great to watch.

Yes that is really awesome !!!
Very relaxed riding.

that’s cool!!

Sweet stuff.


Uhhhhhhhhhhhh i don’t even unicycled but this is jeff cadger son…thats us shreddin in that video…dude that street skater game we were playing today was sick…see you tomorrow at the bbq.

nice vid


also the bmx-ing was sweet.

As this is realy a fantastic video (and I also like the music) its also on unicycle.tv now as wmv and mov.

Thanks a lot to Anthony ! Keep on riding and filmimg

Man, BMX is so fucking hard. Good job.

Totaly wicked BMX tricks! :astonished: Loved It! I actualy think the BMX parts were better than the Uni parts.

yea i liked the bmx better than the uni. excellent job

Excellent as always but do you know how to do crankflips? Cause your style with fliptricks would be unbelievable. Seriously you’d put some of the street riding greats up for a challenge.

i used to be able to.

Why not anymore?