Uni & Bike Trials connect in San Francisco?


I came across this thread that announces a bike trials group ride on Wednesdays at Justin Hermana Plaza in the Embarcaderro.

They might be interested in sharing the “ride” with trials riders.

I thought maybe there might be some interest in connecting up with bike trials guys if it’s hard to find unitrials riders to ride with.

I am currently trying to do this in Los Angeles.


I’ve ridden with them, as has Mike Middleton. It’s been going on for over a year. Back when i used to ride with them it was usually only 2-3 people, plus any uniiers who happend to make it.

It’s also not really a ride, so much as start out on the ledges in fron of the ferry building, do various lines to warm up, and then just roam to find new lines. I’m surprised they’re still riding there, the area gets kinda old after 10-15 rides. Even coming back after 6 months without riding it, ther’s not much to do.