uni backpack?

im wondering what you guys use to carry your uni to the tops of mountains. most good ones are too steep to ride and i usually just walk it up, but ive seen people like kh that strap their uni to their backpack. im doing some rides in hawaii soon down some volcanoes( hopefully, havent looked into trails.) and dont want to have to carry my uni over my shoulder. so your pics or thoughts would be appreciated.

hey, I’ve built one of these (actually 2) for a 24" muni…it works really well. I’ll post pics sometime…

dakine helipack, you can strap a uni straight on it with no mods, works perfectly

any idea where to buy said helipack

Go to www.dakine.com and see if there’s any store’s near you to get to or even mail order from, most big skate type companies will sell them also.

It’s designed as a snowboarding bag, so snowboarding places, skate shops, out doors/walking shops. There’s also the heli-pro, which is basically the same but a little bigger, might be useful as the helipack doesn’t have huge storage, enough for a set of pads and tools but not much more.