Uni At School

took my unicycle to school and rode to most my classes. there was even a period for health my teacher let us go to basketball courts and then i showed it off for an hour and the whole world tried to ride it. only 1 teacher outside while it the hallways yelled at me and sayed get of your bicycle in school grounds. i rode by and sayed its not a bicycle. she made me get off and watched me walk down the next hallway but i just got back on and continued after she was out of sight. nobody pushed me off of it but a bunch of people acted like they were going to. it was funny in the halls everyone was running out of my way like i was a cement truck trying to run them over. my bus driver was pissed in the morning and wouldn’t let me ride home with it so i rode a friends bus with no pass and he got pissed at me too. so looks like it ill be awhile before i take it to school but i had fun YAY