Uni at my friends house

my first vid that actually looks nice! :astonished: lol. Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jANUBQ6Rd54

out of the last 4 videos i watched, yours is the only one getting a comment, it kept my attention all the way through, which is not easy when i’m dog tired and drained. congrats!
i liked this video a LOT … well made with the riding.

Nice vid:)

What I liked over your last and other new filmers:
Good editing.
No fancy editing transitions.
Stable camera and good angles.
Decent music that fit the riding.
Good riding.
Variety of terrain.
Fast pace.
Few prehops.

What to work on:
The intro seemed pointless and had no sound (which could have been OK, depending).
Just keep at it :sunglasses:

Thanx, You Guys don’t kno what ur comments mean to me but i did pretty much all of the editing and my friend shot all of the video. :smiley:

Did Terry have a son?:stuck_out_tongue:

You look JUST like Terry when you flip the peace sign:p

Good riding, kept me interested. AWESOME text style…I’m a big fan!

Wow!!! Finally i have a FAN!!! Whoo :astonished: