Uni as in one as in lonely sport

I have a year under my belt riding and am enjoying my daily hour ride. (even with the hot humid NY summer). Recently I’ve progressed outside the neighborhood off the flatland into parks with hills.

I love the hills, what a challenge it is to roll up and go down them, especially like practicing turning sideways and hopping up them. But I’m still not getting to my point.

I’m now somewhat public with my riding, passing people all the time, even riding by crowds watching baseball, basketball and bands at the park. (My riding by has even paused a few games) People seem very positive, but I still do not know another rider in the Poughkeepsie NY area.

I don’t mind riding alone, but It would be fun to share skills with others. I’d start a club but until I find one other member that seems lame.

I’m thinking I’ll go down to the local EMS sports store, and my favorite b*ke shop and ask them if they have any sport events/demo’s that I could join in and promote Muni’ing. Cool idea? Anyone done this? Does it work? Seems like it might at least help promote the sport.

As for the demos I could show the forward, backward, hoping and idling. Not the greatest of skills but enough to impress the those bipeds.

NY what Im in south florida 2 or 3 days ago with the humidy the weather man said it should feel like 110 ahhhhh

You have me beat with the heat there in Florida redhead.

Related to heat, sweat. I read an article in the paper today about the amount of water needed while exercising. It described weighing yourself before and after 1 hour of exercise, and that’s the amount of water an you should drink. So I measured, 2.5 pounds, that times 16 is the number of ounces, or 40 oz of water an hour! I am amazed, and would find it hard to believe if I didn’t measure it myself.

Stay cool :sunglasses:

Hello Brian,
That’s a great cycling buddy! :smiley: Maybe he can carry the water.

There’s a group from Ithaca, but that’s quite the drive.

Re: Uni as in one as in lonely sport


Happy Anniversary!

I love that about this forum: you post on the loneliness of the long distance unicyclist and you get replies comparing humidity.

I like the solitary aspect of unicycling. It gives me space to think, and there’s no worry about whether I’m holding someone back, or driving them too hard.

However, it is only by seeing others ride that you can gain a new insight into what can be achieved, and how to achieve it. It’s also a great feeling now and again to ride in a group.

best of all, when someone asks, “Where’s your other wheel?” you can say, “He’s on it.”

Re: Uni as in one as in lonely sport

I too had a long time of being a lone rider.

Here are some thoughts which might be helpful:

Chances are there is someone else out there who rides, its just a matter of finding them. The vast majority of unicyclists do not post on the internet so try a few of the following avenues
-ask everyone who comments on your unicycling if they know of anyone else who rides, get contact details if possible
-check if there is a juggling shop or club in the area, you can often find existing riders or potential converts at juggling clubs
-if you find a shop selling juggling gear, ask if you can post a notice for people to contact you if they want to go for a ride.
-check and see if any of the local schools teach circus skills as part of their ciriculum.

One way of starting a club is to offer free lessons to people. Then you only need 1 person who can ride, several people keen to learn and spare uni or two. If you find some people willing to learn, chances are eventually some one will get really hooked. Get them into Muni and, bingo, you have a riding partner! Students are often keen to give it a go so a local university or school is a good place to put up a notice.

The demos that have worked the best for us are are the show some skills and then “try it out yourself kind”. These are far more likely to result in people getting into it than just watching some one else do it. Any large gathering of people milling around is a good oportunity for a demo. Try out local cycle races if there are any, or any fares etc.

All the best for starting a club.

Thanks for the great suggestions Peter,

I have looked, and found the juggling club. That is a great idea. Went to a meeting and met a guy who drives in from Connecticut (not real far away). He was busy traveling, and could not even make the juggling meetings for a long while. I’ll have to go another meeting and see if he’s back.

Right again on the local College lead, Vassar College has a Unicycle and juggling group, ‘Barefoot Monkeys’. I’ve tried to contact them, but over the summer, no reply. School starts soon, I’ll have to follow-up again.

I encourage folks who seem interested, but have only had a few High School kids really try it. After trying, they seem to think it’s impossible. I tell them it just takes practice.

I’ll work on following up those other suggestions.

Hello Mikefule, You’ll have to blame me for the humidity discussion, My opening post wandered around a bit, before getting close to a topic.

Hello Brian,
A year of riding has been good to me, Thank you. I won’t forget following (me by foot) you and the Muni experts at the East Cost Muni ride last year. I’m still working up to being able to follow along on my Muni next time, if and when that happens. The riding I saw that day was amazing, I feel fortunate to have been allowed to tag along with such a highly skilled group. Hmmm, right now I need to watch that great TWNR dvd again.

I am a solitary man. I have trained in all sorts of sports for years with and without partners, but if you have to do the distance you will end up by yourself. I don’t find it lonely but others do.

What I do miss is learning from others and being challenged by others. Also, some days when I feel lazy and don’t feel like riding, I know in my heart that if some one was waiting for me at say 4.30, I would make the effort to get there. Then invariably would have a great time.

To meet others and for a group ride, I organised my own event and will do so again next year. I had 8 riders turn up and we all had fun and learned heaps from each other.

Just post a notice here, put some posters in your local bike shops and circus schools. You will meet someone.

Riding with someone is really great.

I rode solo for one year before my brother learned to ride. Now we do trials and MUni together. With someone to ride with I find I not only ride more often and also try harder trails. It’s also great to have someone who can appreciate a difficult skill without asking “where is you other wheel!@#”

The best way to find riders is to recruit them! All your friends are potential riding partners!

I know that there are other riders in the city where I live, but I have no desire to meet them or go riding with them. The solitary aspect of unicycling is one of the things I like about this sport. It is a very Zen like thing for me, and I know that may sound silly, but that’s how it is. Most of my friends don’t even know I unicycle. I am not ashamed of it, but I don’t deny it when someone “catches me” on the unicycle. I’m not a bad rider, and I don’t brag about it either. It is an anonymous, solitary thing that gets rid of stress and makes me very happy.

This may sound strange, but I know the minute my unicycling becomes “social” and I start hanging out and riding with other riders, it will lose that Zen-thing and become just another sport, and then I suspect I’ll lose interest. Maybe.

That’s what I like about this forum. I can be completely anonymous, keep my unicycling to myself, buy still exchange just enough thoughts on the subject to keep one foot in the community in a virtual sense, and both feet on the pedals in a unicycling sense! And, I have discovered that a lot of you are very funny and interesting:) .

But physically, in the real, “off-line” world, I like and prefer the solitary aspects of unicycling.

I totally understand where you are coming from.

The phantom