Uni Articles in Durango Newspaper

These uni articles just published in the Durango Herald are worth checkin’ out:

A UNIque White Rim Ride

Unicycles are Losing the Old Circus-Act-Only Reputation

Cheers to Stormy Colman the author!

Great articles. I thought this quote was pretty funny: “Learning to unicycle is no harder than learning to paraglide while performing brain surgery.”

Fantastic. And practically in my own backyard. More and more, the media is portraying uni as a sport and not a circus novelty.
I tried to find an article that was published last spring in the local universities newspaper that showed unicycling in a very favorable light but their online archives are somewhat lacking. Anyway, ya gotta love good press for our sport.

Hip, hip, hooray.

Awesome stuff Stormy! Thanks Bill for posting these articles. Does anyone have a White Rim permit for next spring?, I am salivating to do it on the uni. I didnt get my permit, maybe spring 07’.

It helps when the author is one of us!

Yes, those were great articles, both very entertaining reads and good for our sport!

Great coverage. I live in Pagosa Springs, about 60 miles east of Durango and muni every day possible. I would like to meet and ride with anyone in my area as there are only a few of us in imPagosa Springs. Also how can i get in touch with Ed Moriman(muni builder) near Farmington. I hope to hear from some of you other muni riders real soon. Nathan