Uni article in Memphis

I just thought that I would let everybody know about some press that we got here in Memphis.

The e-edition of the article can accessed below at:


Unicycle Diet

Tommy will be funding the club soon by hocking his famouse “Unicycle Diet”. Check out the svelt young man:



I have that same dream (image above) every night also. You do too, huh?


Congrats on the article. I wished I lived nearer so I could come out to rides. I unicycle almost every day but it would be cool to be part of a club.


Lewis and Chris,

When we started talking about the first Delta Rendezvous little did we know where this crazy idea of a unicycle club would go. It is really crazy now! People are coming out of the woodwork. Just when I thought that we had sort of “peaked” the article hit. AMAZING!

Lewis, you are so right. It is so much better to ride with a group. I seriously encourage you to start a club - the Delta Unicycle Club (“Come out and play with the DUC!” - Bruce Edwards). You know when you buy anything from Unicycle.Com there is that peice of paper that encourages you to get with a uni group “and if there isn’t one - start one!” Yes, I agree.

We have to make plans to get down to Jackson soon. I’m still looking for those folks who claim to be unicyclist in Alabama.