Uni adventure in Argentina


I’m in Argentina right now with my muni- just finished a week of other work (geology in the Andes) and now have 2 weeks with my muni to have some fun adventures. Should be great!!

I’m wondering whether anyone on the newsgroup has traveled in Northwest Argentina, near Salta or Jujuy, or near Licancabur in southern Bolivia.

I’ll try to post some photos if I can, later on, but internet access is pretty sporadic.

Kris Holm

that is so cool.

my cleaning lady immigrated from argentina. thats not very relevant though.

what time is it over there?

One of the professors in my group is from that part of Argentina. He’s about 45. He hasn’t lived there for over twenty years but goes back every so often. I will see if he knows anything about the particular area and have him contact you if there is something of interest. He is a biker but not a mountain biker so may not be aware of what you’re looking for in the nature of terrain. He will know of obscure areas of interest in the region, however. I will see him Monday. Send me e-mail if you remember my address and if you’re interested and I’ll have him contact you.

Remember, the mountain folk in Argentina greet each other by lifting their shirts over their heads and yelling, “un burrito loco con zapatos estoy!” Trust me on this.

Hey, if you’re still going to be around, I arrive in Chile on December 10 and I’m bringing a MUni.

Hey, why don‘t you come to brasil. It‘s sunny this time and in sao paulo there are many places to muni, street and trial.

yea… come to brazil
Pelé is better!