Uni Acronyms

Here are a few more!

What about?
UDC = Unicycle.Com
MDC = Municycle.Com in Germany
SIF = Seat in Front
WW = Wheel Walk

there are ones for one footed Wheel Walk I just don’t remember them.
I think that there was a post a while ago giving all of the Abreciations, Slang, Terms and Acronyms.


I got these from Unicycling for Newbies

  1. UPD- Acronym for unplanned dismount. in other words falling off.
  2. SIF- Acronym for seat in front
  3. SIB- Acronym for seat in back
  4. Coker- A 36" unicycle
  5. Giraffe- A tall unicycle
    6 GUni- A unicycle that is geared to go faster or slower
  6. Muni- Mountain unicycle
  7. Splined- A unicycle hub. it is the strongest you can get.
  8. Cotterless(square taper)- Another type of hub, strong but not very.
  9. Cottered- A very weak hub.

Different types of Unis

this is a list of unicycles that you could find yourself buying some day!

  1. Muni- Mountain unicycles used for offroad riding
  2. Trials- Used for trials and street riding
  3. Freestyle- used for freestyle riding
  4. BC Wheel- a coasting unicycle
  5. Ultimate Wheel- the ultimte test of balance
  6. Coker- the big wheel, used for speed and distance
  7. Giraffe- A show unicycle

I quite like TOOFENO, for one foot backwards riding. Don’t remember who came first up with it, though.

FD = Flying Dismount (resulting in road rash)
CFD = Controlled Flying Dismount
BS = Butt Shift (when you adjust your seat position while riding) Modification: BSWA (With Air) for getting off the uni and fanning out your shorts!
LBS = Lauching Butt Shift (Getting comfy on the seat as you start out, if possible) also “Local Bike Shop”
RO = Random Ow
ILC = Involuntary Loss of Control
H & F = Hans and Franz - and ILC which requires flailing arms like a muscle man.

most of these are just good fun and not used, but the LBS = Local Bike Shop is commonly used.

And not forgetting the great UDC.UK

NAUCC , UNICON, FLUCK, CMW just to name a few abbreviations for events…

I think it was David Stone from NY, on 12 Jan 2002. It’s not an abbreviation though, nor has it widely caught on. David has also coined the term UPD.

Isn’t a true acronym when it actually makes another word. Rather than just an appr. of letters?

-Shaun Johanneson

I think an acronym is an abbreviation that is pronounced as a word - doesn’t need to be an existing word. UPD is pronounced as separate letters and thus not an acronym.

But I don’t think we need separate threads for uni acronyms and uni abbreviations.

BTW, is uni an acronym? I don’t think so even though it is an abbreviation (of unicycle) and pronounced as a word.

Yeah and it’s only good for 10 minutes then it’s permanent!


And UNINATS, the Australian one… The one I’m going to in Sydney that I can’t wait for.


I did make up toofeno. I think that toofeno (“tuFEEno”) never did catch on, in part, perhaps, bc it’s such a hard skill that I still can’t even do it (despite having tried it for over 5 years!). So it doesn’t come up in discussions very often. I mention it from time to time in my club notes.

I think it would be fun to have a few more terms (ollie, for example), but they usually arise naturally.

Another term I use in my notes is 1’ww (one foot wheel walk). That’s neither a true abbrev nor an acronym. tho it’s close to an abbrev.

Other abbrevs we all use include:
rev and revs
rpm (revs per minute), aka ‘cadence’
… but these aren’t limited to the world of uni’ing – they’re cycling terms.

You mentioned that in said 12 Jan 2002 post, and you gave a few fun examples like “going native” (none of which have ever been used since, probably).

Sometimes people still refer to the koosh-koosh, i.e. the wheelwalk with one foot in front of the frame, one behind. Named after the sound it gives.

I once suggested the UPD should be categorised more or less as follows:

UPD = unplanned dismount. You land on your feet, catching the unicycle with your hand. It wasn’t planned but it wasn’t really a fall off.

UPD1 = you land on your feet, but the unicycle seat hits the floor.

UPD2 = the unicycle hits the floor, as do your hands and knees

UPD3 = a more spectacular version of the above, possibly with a judo roll and blood.

BDM = Ballistic DisMount = very high speed, or on a steep descent. Anything that involves a significant walk to get back to the unicycle.

BDM1 = the above, but involving a significant limp back to your unicycle.

BDM2 = presumably where your unicycle has to find its own way home because you’re in hospital.

BDSM = this is something very different from unicycling.

eBayD = a Ballistic DisMount so extreme that the executors of your estate put your uni on eBay.


That’s called a fall. The UPD acronym was invented to distinghuis ‘unplanned dismounts’ from falls.

What do you think about Nuni…short for a non-rider

MUPADS - Massive Un-Planned And Disastrous Stacking.

:smiley: :smiley:

Should add POOP and PIMP to this thread.