Uni Acronyms

We all know UPD = UnPlanned Dismount. After a longish ride I came up with XPD = eXhausted, Must Dismount. Are there any others in common use? How about UPDb = UnPlanned Dismount (with) bleeding? :slight_smile:

Well the other well known ones, UW = Ultimate Wheel, and BC = BC wheel or impossible wheel.

I’ve also seen MUW = Mountain Ultimate Wheel, and MBC = Mountain BC.

I think you meant XMD. :wink: Coincidentally I just got an email from a guy who said the very same thing. Come to think of it, he’s from Canada as you are…hey it’s YOU! :smiley:

(we met at NAUCC, you were riding backwards when I was practicing freemounts, remember me saying the two pints of Guinness helped me with mounting the coker?)

Nice to see you here!

:thinking: Does ‘‘BC’’ actually stand for something?
If not… why BC??

Oh yes, I remember you well and I did mean XMD. How do you correct errors like that?? I was wanting to preserve XMD for posterity so I thought this is the place to do it. Time is running out to make my mark you know.

It’s from the comic strip “BC”, which refers to the period of time “before christ”

I don’t think this message board allows for corrections…once you submit a post it’s there forever. Watch what you say in here!:stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh yes…I didn’t notice it in the original post but I see it in my posts…did you catch this olduniman?:o

And it what way is a period of time related to a wheel with two foot plates?

The BC comic strip is set in the stone age, with the main character being a cave man. The vehicle he uses is a stone wheel with a wooden axle shaft that he stands on while rolling. It is essentially the same concept as our modern version, although standing on foot plates is easier than using just the axle ends, especially if the foot plates hang below the wheel.

Another term for BC wheel is impossible wheel, but BC has become a more popular term as more and more people have demonstrated that it is possible to master one.

Here is a link to the BC wheel is it appears in the BC comic strip:

Thanks alot, you learn something new every day!

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Here are a few more!

What about?
UDC = Unicycle.Com
MDC = Municycle.Com in Germany
SIF = Seat in Front
WW = Wheel Walk

there are ones for one footed Wheel Walk I just don’t remember them.
I think that there was a post a while ago giving all of the Abreciations, Slang, Terms and Acronyms.


I got these from Unicycling for Newbies

  1. UPD- Acronym for unplanned dismount. in other words falling off.
  2. SIF- Acronym for seat in front
  3. SIB- Acronym for seat in back
  4. Coker- A 36" unicycle
  5. Giraffe- A tall unicycle
    6 GUni- A unicycle that is geared to go faster or slower
  6. Muni- Mountain unicycle
  7. Splined- A unicycle hub. it is the strongest you can get.
  8. Cotterless(square taper)- Another type of hub, strong but not very.
  9. Cottered- A very weak hub.

Different types of Unis

this is a list of unicycles that you could find yourself buying some day!

  1. Muni- Mountain unicycles used for offroad riding
  2. Trials- Used for trials and street riding
  3. Freestyle- used for freestyle riding
  4. BC Wheel- a coasting unicycle
  5. Ultimate Wheel- the ultimte test of balance
  6. Coker- the big wheel, used for speed and distance
  7. Giraffe- A show unicycle

I quite like TOOFENO, for one foot backwards riding. Don’t remember who came first up with it, though.

FD = Flying Dismount (resulting in road rash)
CFD = Controlled Flying Dismount
BS = Butt Shift (when you adjust your seat position while riding) Modification: BSWA (With Air) for getting off the uni and fanning out your shorts!
LBS = Lauching Butt Shift (Getting comfy on the seat as you start out, if possible) also “Local Bike Shop”
RO = Random Ow
ILC = Involuntary Loss of Control
H & F = Hans and Franz - and ILC which requires flailing arms like a muscle man.

most of these are just good fun and not used, but the LBS = Local Bike Shop is commonly used.

And not forgetting the great UDC.UK

NAUCC , UNICON, FLUCK, CMW just to name a few abbreviations for events…

I think it was David Stone from NY, on 12 Jan 2002. It’s not an abbreviation though, nor has it widely caught on. David has also coined the term UPD.