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Although still in a frenetic state of learning, I’ve decided to take the plunge (face first to the pavement as often happens) and have back-ordered a new uni from unicycle.com. Once my tax-return comes in, it’s mine. For the record (and for the purpose of inviting and insightful comment out there about my choices) here is what I have done and why. I am tallish (6’2"), 180 lbs, and would like to tackle street riding/touring with an occasional foray into the ditch or on the grass. Central Park has many opportunities for such things. So, I’ve gone with a Pashley 26-inch touring frame and a slightly wider tire than normally comes with it (WTB 2.1 incher). I’m getting a Miyata air seat instead of the hard-as-nails Viscount. My only concern was whether the 300mm seat post would be long enough, but I think it will be. My leg length is about 35 inches.



What a poetic name- how I do envy it.

To the topic at hand:

Is it this cycle?:

Pashley 26- Touring

If so… and it’s what you WANT, then by all means, go for it!

However, if it was me, I think I could ring more bang for my buck out of:

$122, Suzue/Sun BFR

$55, Sem XLW

Or better yet, the even less expensive Lucifer Frame, when they get it 'em in about a month. Flat crown for all those foot skills! The Pashley bearing housings run $69 all by them selves, and either of these frames feel great to me. Tommy-in-Memphis let me take a spin on his Sem, and it felt SMOOOOTH.

If you don’t plan on alot of hopping or drops, and it sounds like you don’t, then how bout some:

$30 Aluminium Bicycle Euro Cranks

or if you need the extra streangth, use the BE cranks that come stock on the Pashley:

$25, Steel Bicycle Euro Cranks

If it was me, and it was truely a street/light trails machine, I’d go with the Aluminium- they look sweet, and the steel BE cranks are a bit heavy…

And for a very great cleated pedal, you can’t beat the price,

$24, Odyssey Twisted Pro

or for a tad bit more (and the option to remove the cleats):

$28, Snafu

which may also be a tad bit lighter.

Add that plush seat,

$99, Miyata Air

and tire of choice:

$18, WTB Nano Raptor

Say another $17 for tube, crank nuts, seat post clamp and bearing housings and you come to $365 for the works, for a ride that would lay some smack down on the $409 (price BEFORE your upgrades) Touring Pashley.

Just my thoughts- I don’t have to ride it! Kinda want to, now, though… :slight_smile:

Best yet, you wouldn’t have to call it a Pashley- it would be a Unisaurus, of coarse!


I am 6’ 1.5" (used to be 6’ 2") and 180 lbs with a 35" inseam. The 300mm post will not be long enough if the frame height is the same as for a 24" wheel. The 300mm post will be out past the minimum insertion mark. This never stopped me from using 300mm seatposts, however.

Re: Uni about to be ordered

>I am 6’ 1.5" (used to be 6’ 2") and 180 lbs with a 35" inseam.

Harper and I seem to be clones. I rode a Pashley for 2 years with lots of
fun–including one broken wrist. Now I’m on a Telford, but the Pashley is
getting lots of good use from a nephew in Iowa. Go for the 26 inch wheel and
the longer post.
Any decent bike shop can weld you a longer Miyata post.

David Maxfield
Bainbridge Island, WA

Re: Uni about to be ordered

I would agree with Harper. At your height, I would advise the 400 mm post. You can always cut it down a bit if needed, a conduit cutter works nicely. I cut quite a few seatposts for not too tall kids when their post sticks out the bottom of the seatpost tube and into the top of the tire.


Re: Re: Uni about to be ordered

Oops, you did say Miyata saddle, didn’t you. Only 300 mm there. I apologize. Unicycle.com does sell Miyata seat post extensions.

Maxfield D -

> Now I’m on a Telford, but the Pashley is
getting lots of good use from a nephew in Iowa.

newphew in Iowa?!?! Where does he live? I’m the president of the unicycle club at Iowa State, in Ames. When schools not in session I live in a podunk town in NW Iowa. Drop me an email: gbarnes(AT)iastate.edu

George, where in NW Iowa?? I’m in north central Iowa, just East of I-35. Hope to see you guys on RAGBRAI. I’ll probably ride from Forest City to Charles City, but on my track bike. Joe in Iowa

its not a uni, but at least its a fixed gear :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the Pashley looks great, especually if it is red like the one in the picture Chris provided. The water cages are cool too. Go for it!

I want to get a Pashley too, I just like the way they look. One day … but I kinda like the look of the 28".


Re: Uni about to be ordered

On Thu, 11 Apr 2002 21:52:22 -0500, harper
<harper.2z7qa@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

>I am 6’ 1.5" (used to be 6’ 2") <snip>
>The 300mm post will not be long enough <snip>
>This never stopped me from using 300mm seatposts, however.

There must be a causal relationship here :slight_smile:

Klaas Bil

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