Uni @ a school celebration!

Today at 10:00 my dad is hosting a “Back to School” celebration at a Jr. High track field with a bunch of other school board members in our district. It’s the first annual and all of the Kindergarten through 12 grade people are invited! So as boring as it probably will be (if anybody shows up that is), at least I get to take my uni and do a little demo. Ok, if you put aside the strictly G-rated Disney music, the annoying vendors hoping to take money from little kids, and the fact that all the teachers will call me “honey,” it might be kinda okay with the uni! I’ll be sure to take pictures and post them here afterwards. Wish me luck!!!


sounds fun :roll_eyes: good luck

Re: Uni @ a school celebration!

I thought that was a Southern thang.







Looks like you were right about the turn-out - just you and your dad then?

lol. No, it was a great turnout!


you know, awile ago when you were bragging about how good you were at stand-up Wwalking…you failed to mention you were using a fence to get it going.

I never mentioned I didn’t use a fence, either. Actually, I think I did point out that I couldn’t mount by myself. Use search and I’ll bet you can find it (no money, though).

I think the mount is one of the hardest parts.

If you havent already, try just jumping straight to the frame/tire to standupww. I could never do it from 1 footww or idling, I got frustrated and tryed jumping into it, and got it on my second try.

From the pedals or the ground?

EDIT: And aren’t those pictures good for a 6-year-old photographer? Go Spencer!!!

From the pedals, thats the way I do it. It is alot easier then from a idle, or mounting into it. All you do is ride slowly and then hop in place a few times (or dont hop at all) and jump up to a stand up wheel walk.

Yep, definitly from the ground.