Uni.6 at Eurocycle

I was able to try out Franks geared up uni ( uni.6 for ease OK) at
Eurocycle last weekend. Its ablast to ride, really fast and smooth with
small backlash , that whilst noticable at slow speeds becomes less
noticable at speeed. The hub has LESS play in it than Wil Stephens
prototype Onza trials hub had, ( for those in the Uk who have riden that

I found free mounting took a little practise ( 4/5 minutes to get to 90%)
and idealing
impossible. Frank says he doen’t idle it either but uses street furniture
to hang onto or speed regulation ( going real slow) to cope with traffic
lights. I think the Uni.6 could be a practical uni for commuting ,
and will be easier to store at work than a coker.

The hub looks grat, just a larger drum in the wheel around the hub. The
frame attchments are very discret.

I would like to thank very much for letting me have a go, even though it
has left me wanting one of my own. I need to find an engineering student
who needs a project…

looking forward to trying the uni.5 as well later in the summer at Unicon,
Please Harper?

Unicon 11 ~ Washington USA.~ July 25 - Aug 2 2002
The world unicycle convention and championships.

Re: Uni.6 at Eurocycle

It awaits you. Tell her magesty that she may also ride in honor of her 50 years.