uni.5 visits Florida!!!

Well the uni.5 is faster. I type this before going to pick it up at UPS. Packages shipped from unicycle.com usually reach me early Thursday. The uni.5 made it today, Wednesday, while I was at work. I’m off to my UPS hub to pick up the uni.5 and give it a spin! I’ll keep you guys updated in this post with mine and other local riders progress with this incredible machine. I’m excited to see the updates made by the fine people in Marietta, Ga.

I really wanted to come on here and to be able to tell you guys how I freemounted uni.5 on my first trip, took a nice long ride, and enjoyed it greatly. I got the enjoying it greatly part down, but the other two didn’t go so well. Freemounting it at first was extremely difficult. I first attempted a roll back mount since I was having trouble footing it with a standard mount. Results? uni.5 went backwards and I went forward. Eventually I was able to freemount it by putting my dominant foot backwards to hold the uni up (hardly any pedal movement backwards) and then pushing down with my left foot.
Riding was interesting, this thing propels you like a bat out of hell! I had many UPDs on my first outting, and the new Viscount seat definately took some battle wounds. I’m starting to get the hang of it, and the backlash isn’t bothering me as much as it originally did. I tried mounting my 20" about 20 minutes afterwards and I pedaled like hell out of control thinking it would ride like uni.5
I’ll keep you guys updated with pictures, I think the uni meet is still scheduled for Sunday in Sarasota so I know Ethan, John, Jon, and maybe a few other people will get to play on it.

Mr. NSX,

Do you Coker? How would you compare it?


I am gonna try this thing out. Probably tommorow or so

I haven’t logged as much Coker time as I would have liked to, but I sure did get a good bit of riding done on uni.5 today. Total time spent riding today equals about 5 hours. beull (john) was nice enough to join me from Brandenton for the evening to ride around. It was hillarious to watch him try and transition from uni.5 down to his United/Monty. I definately chucked the Viscount seat in the backseat of my car and slapped on my carbon fibre/air Miyata seat. Such an improvement. Riding went extremely smooth for both of us, I don’t think I’ve reached the full speed potential yet, it’s scary. The backlash is minor, and I actually like it? Having a little bit of backlash gives you some room to adjust for when you’re trying to slow down. Awesome work out! I’m in love.

yeah. to all of that.

maybe i’m only catching the negative comments on the board here, but i didn’t find freemounting all that hard. definitely wouldn’t suggest a rollback mount on the thing, but i found that if i chanted “the pedals won’t move, the pedals won’t move” a static mount went pretty smoothly. [i was up and two cranks away on my 7th or 8th try]

i only got in about 10 or 15 minutes saddle time, and all on a netted tennis court, at that, but damn do i want one. hopefully i’ll be able to swing down his way for a visit at least once more before it wends its way onward.

i also have to second his vote on the slight play in the cranks being not only a mechanical necessity, but a practical benefit. i think perhaps, that it saves your feet and legs from being jerked about more than necessary on the switch from stroke to stroke. now, it might make idling harder [than it already impossibly is] but normal riding it might just be what the doctor ordered.

harper, man, you rock. adam can attest that i almost cried, plunking down 300 on my new united/monty/airseat setup from uni.com [and it’s worth it imho, anyone on the fence about that one], but i’d definitely be tempted if and when those babies ever became semi-production. put me on whatever contact list you’ve got going :wink:

in short, “you guys .gotta. try this thing”

[adam: two e’s, two l’s. like Garrett [my middle name] is two r’s two t’s, and it’s Bradenton… Brandon is another place altogether :P]