uni .5 review - part 1

Yesterday afternoon, I heard the doorbell ring. No one ever rings my
doorbell, so I knew it was UPS. I rushed to the door, and signed for a
large, well decorated plywood crate.

Inside that crate was a 24” unicycle with a funny looking hub (and a bunch
of other miscellaneous stuff). I was in the middle of studying for my last
final (which I would have in a few hours), but I decided this was a good
time for a break.

I installed the seat (great that there was a 400mm post in the box and
everything!) and went to the parking lot. I told myself, “this is a coker,
even if it looks nothing like one” and mounted it as I would mount a
coker. It felt weird, but I managed to get on and go forward. I made a
few loops around the parking lot (turning was really weird for some reason)
before sadly returning to my apartment and resuming my studies.

Time for the final – I know a good way to get there. I took the unicycle.
It was fast, but oddly, didn’t feel all that quick. I guess it’s just
windy enough here that I’m used to the wind in my hair, even if I’m
standing still. I got to class, and checked my watch. I’m pretty sure I
got there about 30 seconds before I left. Sweet.

I took the unicycle inside. Ah, I could have never done that so easily
with a coker. Took the test, and rode home.

The only thing I’d noticed at this point was turning. I think it felt
something like this when I first tried a coker. It seemed to take more
effort, and I couldn’t turn on a dime like usual on a 24” wheel. This
unicycle definitely felt like it had a 24” and not a 36” wheel. Yeah,
there was some play in the gears… it’s a little annoying, but not a
problem. The 6” cranks feel very natural. Maybe part of that is since my
24” muni also has 6” cranks.

Also, I felt I could go slowly more effectively on this than my coker
(maybe that’s because my coker has 5” cranks, I’m not really sure).

Anyway, I had homework to complete, so back to my room. At about 2am I had
finished, and decided to go off to deliver it to my professor’s office.
Back on the unicycle. Nothing new to report on the way there.

I got in the building. It was 2am, and there weren’t exactly many people
around. So, I rode around a bit. Wow, now I was going fast! Much like
skydiving, the closer the non-moving point of reference, the faster you
realize you are going. Also, though I’d never tried riding a coker in this
building, I am sure if I did, my head would just about touch the ceiling.
Another plus for the uni .5.

Since then, I’ve ridden the unicycle around a bit. I haven’t had the time
to put it for a distance road test yet, but I’ve looped around campus a
good couple of times. It definitely gets me to places at coker speeds
(I’ve done no timing comparisons… in fact, all I can really say is it’s way
faster than walking.) Probably the coolest thing about this is I’ve passed
out people on bicycle and roller blades. Yes, I had to consciously make
the effort, but it’s just so cool. Here I am on this little unicycle,
riding past people on stuff that’s supposed to be fast.

I’ve had a few unplanned dismounts. I wasn’t pushing myself to go fast
when any of them happened, but I did find that I was able to successfully
run out of every one. I had to run fast – very fast, but I was able to do
it. I can’t decide if the fact that I was lower to the ground, and had a
smaller wheel under me made this any easier, or if I was just going slower
than I usually do on a coker.

Anyway, my review right now: for all the short little errands, especially
on a campus setting, the uni .5 is the clear winner over the coker. Its
size is what makes all the difference. I can take it wherever I want,
including inside any building without any problems. The coker, on the
other hand, is, uh, big.

With a little luck, the weather will remain nice tomorrow, and I’ll be able
to take it for a ride down the erie canal path.

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nice review.

good to here from you again.i know your good at gliding,do you think you could give it a shot on the uni.5?

Today, Jeff Lutkus was nice enough to bring the uni.5 down to the harvard juggling club so that me and a freind could try it out. Although none of the harvard jugglers showed up (due to graduation I suppose) It was still pretty fun.

I found that when turning if you leaned into the turn more it worked better, but since i favor my rigth side it was hard for me to lean left without falling off.

It took me about 3 trys holding on to somthing before I could ride it. Then I got it. It is FASSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTT. After a few trys I could freemount it pretty well. I didnt try to idle, tho I should have.

When watching my friend (unicyclejoe) ride it, it seemed like the wheel was not touching the ground. It looked kinda like he was riding foward on one of those flat conveyor belts in air ports. As if he traveld foward more then he should.

After riding it a hole bunch, I decided I would probably pay up to $400 for one. (hint hint)

Thank you very much Harper, this is a very VERY awesome thing.

A side trip to Boston. Cool. Glad you got a chance to ride it and I hope you had a good time with it.

Hi,i am the friend uni-man-dan was talking about.

jagur. i ment to try gliding on it but forgot to :frowning:

i would also like to thank harper for building it

know here are my comments i loved riding this on the way home all i was thinking was,
man i wish i was still riding that thing. i was also surprised how little the gap in gears
was from what i had read on here i thought it was gona be a much bigger deal well
thats all i have to say about it.


question- What kind of frame is on the uni.5? is it a torker? or a semcycle?

It’s a Torker 24" frame that I bought from unicycle.com for next to nothing…$25 or $30. I bored one hole in it for the shoulder bolt that holds the sun gear frame tab to the frame.