Uni.5 review By Kaplan

  1. Free-Mounting- It was only a mental challange. Once, I got past the whole NOT being able to expect what is going to happen, It was fairly easy. Much more so, in fact, than a coker.
  2. “Handling” – turning, stopping, general ‘feel’- The turns were great. I was able to make them nice, and tight. The only problem with turning was that sometimes, I would make them too sharp for the speed I was going. Stopping felt very similar to a coker.
    The general feel was not too great. At that speed, I find it really nice to have a larger wheel. It is like the difference between going 70MPH in a Jeep v. the same speed in a go cart. A coker is a cushy ride, 'nuf said.
  3. The ‘backlash’ (the way the pedals/cranks jiggle as you ride)- This didnt really bother me. at the beginning it was annoying, but once I convinced myself that it was supposed to be there, and that the cranks were not loose, everything was fine.
  4. The speed- Its fast. Very fast. Like a cheeta
  5. The length of the cranks- I prefer 5" cranks, but hey, what can you do.
  6. Etc.- There is a slight wobble that occurs at higher speeds. I assume that this is due to the sixe of the wheel. It is the same wobble that is present on a 20" when you try to go really fast. Because of the larger wheel, this does not happen on a coker. To me, this is a big issue. The whole point of a coker is to go fast, and it does that comfortably. The Uni.5, on the other hand, seems like a good idea, but not practical for what it is meant for. When a compact uni is required, and comfort comes second,
    this is a great product, however, I’d much rather ride a big wheel for any type of touring. I’m not too sure If I made myself clear, but I tried my best.
    -David Kaplan