Uni.5 more thoughts from a Utah riders


THANK YOU!!! I really enjoyed the chance to try out the uni.5.

Friday evening I took it for a ride along a dirt path in the foothills above
my house. I rode for about 1.5 hours and covered over 10 miles. This was
one of the most enjoyable rides I’ve had in a long time.

I have a few observations from this ride:

  1. The uni.5 is built to go fast. At slower speeds it is difficult (for
    me) to control, but once I got moving on it it seemed to just take off. I
    had particular trouble freemounting it on rough terrain. I also had a more
    difficult time freemounting into uphill sections. For some reason I don’t
    have the same trouble mounting the Coker under similar conditions. Maybe
    it’s a mental block, seeing the 24" wheel expecting it to behave like a 24"

  2. The backlash is most noticeable when travelling at slower speeds and on
    level ground. On uphill there is more constant forward pressure and on
    downhills there is more constant back pressure.

  3. The disconcerting effect of the backlash disappeared almost entirely
    when I was riding across rough terrain. I attribute this to the fact that
    it gets “mixed in” with all the rest of the bumps.

  4. Toward the end of my ride the wind kicked up. I know there has already
    been discussion about the effect of wind on the uni.5 vs. a coker but I’ll
    add my thougths. To me it seemed as if the wind had less effect on my when
    on the uni.5 than it would have on a Coker. That is all I’ll say about

  5. The torker seat that was included in the crate is just to small to be
    useful. To that end (no pun intended) I have included the black viscount
    seat (and post) that came with my Coker. Hopefully others who will be test
    riding the uni.5 will benefit from this slight upgrade. Oh, and if
    possible, I’d like to get the seat back when the “tour” is over. Maybe at

  6. Greg Harper is a generous and meticulous individual. The quality of the
    construction of the uni.5 hub was remarkable. I was tempted to disassemble
    the hub to examine the internals but reconsidered when faced with the
    prospect of being the one who halted the “tour” because I broke it.
    Nevertheless it was obvious that this is a quality piece of work. Even the
    crate that it arrived in was well thought out.

Thanks again Greg for giving me (and the others here) a chance to try it

You can see some pictures from Saturday’s ride at
http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/album30 The foothills in the background
are the ones I was riding Friday evening.


p.s. Thank you to Dan for his comments about uni.5 and also for arranging
the shipping to the next stop.


Thanks for the photos and especially for the seat upgrade. I hope this is a spare seat and you’re not doing without one.

John Drummond is shipping a pair of 5.5" (140mm) aluminum cranks to Doug Massey as well as a crank puller so people will be able to try two different crank lengths. Other desirable additions would be 5" aluminum cranks and a used odometer.

PLEASE only donate parts that are spares. All participants please keep in mind that the Viscount seat must ultimately be returned to Michael Grant and the crank puller to John Drummond.

Ride like the wind.