Uni.5 info???


I have done some reading in previous posts about the Uni.5, but haven’t seen any comments on whether it can be shifted while riding. And I’m sorry I missed it in Oklahoma City. I just learned that it was there when I lived there.


The uni.5 is a unicycle with a fixed gear epicyclic hub. The gear ratio is 1.5:1. It has a 24" wheel which behaves as if it is 36" in diameter, like a Coker. The project is described in the epicyclic hub section of my web site

The uni.5 was auctioned at the UNICON banquet. I have a second hub that I am building into a custom, blue-anodized aluminum frame from Steve Howard with a 700c rim and 29" tire.

You’re going to let us take this new one for a ride at the campout, right?