Uni.5 coming to Canada?

hey Harper, have you, or are you planning on having that crazy thing in say, Toronto?

No, sorry. My lab has had to deal with post 9/11 customs difficulties moving equipment to and from Ontario and I didn’t want to run into similar problems with a unicycle.

Odd, though, we pre-declared radioactive berilium-7 targets made at TRIUMF in BC and have had no problems driving those across the border.

Uni.5 will be at both NAUCC and UNICON.


when i sold my Coker,it went to Canada.from what i heard they ripped it open completly and messed with it like there was dynomite in frame tubes and sarin gas in the tire.

maybe they just rode it around, but the whole thing had been rifled though.

$45.33 from Oregon to Winnapeg in shipping buy the way.