Uni.5 43.5/29" two-speed shiftable unicycle

I believe the mys-co.com site is connected with Yuichiro Kato somehow. I got the site from the catalogue sheet that I picked up off a table at UNICON. Most people probably ignored it cause it was printed in Japanese. Here’s some additional info, they might be able to answer your questions…

Tel 03-3497-1048
Fax 03-3497-5913
E order@mys-co.com

If you wanted to call, Onesuite.com has great rates: 2.9 cents per min. in the US and 6.5 cents per min to Japan. I use them for all my long distance, their zipdial feature makes it easy.

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On 19 Sep 2002 14:31:07 GMT, maxfieldd@aol.com (Maxfield D) wrote:

>a Blue Harper Demo
>Day… a hundred people

I gladly believe that this blue miracle is fast, but fast enough to
serve 100 people in one day? Hmm…

Klaas Bil

If you had this signature, I have forged it.

I’m sorry, this is a long one…

I am constantly amazed by your accomplishments, Misters Harper and Howard. I’m sure you guys get sick of explaining how all this stuff works and answering the same questions over again. After this new development, I have to bite the bullet and start asking a new set of questions - I only hope I’m one of the first to ask what will probably be a recurring question.

Anyway, after talking to Harper for about a half hour at UNICON trying to understand the Uni.5 hub, I thought I had it all figured out, and soon got lost again. It seems to me, if you refer to the first picture here - http://staff.washington.edu/gharper/gearsand.htm
that the hub comes down to three essential pieces (gears), and the important thing is what uni parts attach to which gear. I’ll forget about the how for now.

So, here’s what I thing is going on. The sun gear (single piece in the center) connects to the axle and the outer ring gear is connected to the wheel (spokes to rim, etc.). The sun gear receives the main drive power. The sun drives the planets (tiny gears in the middle), which drive the outer ring gear, passing the drive force to the wheel - at a completely different speed. Right? OK.

So here are my questions:
What are the planet gears attached to? Are they attached to the frame tab, or are they kind of free-flying in there? It seems to me like the frame tab is the key to the shift-ability of the new design. If the frame tab is locked to the frame, you have a 1.5 geared mechanism. If the frame tab is locked to the hub (locked to the outer ring gear, I think), then the whole thing is a solid piece and acts like a completely normal, yet oversized, hub.

So am I right in thinking that the planets somehow attach to the frame tab, which attaches to the frame. This would be the key to the motion of the gears, but I can’t get the simulation in my brain to work.

If I’m right so far, then here’s the natural evolution: could you now machine gear ridges along the outside of the outer ring - forget about everything that came before it and think of the whole uni.5 hub as a new sun gear. Then, set up new planets around that and follow with another (admitedly huge) outer ring around all THAT? You would end up with two gear sets - one built around another. That would give you three or four different gear ratios based on the locked position of two “frame tabs”. Am I making sense? Could we keep going like this and create a “galaxy hub” (several planetary systems circling around each other).

Lets forget, for a second, how heavy, expensive, and fantastic this galaxy hub is. Does it make theoretical sense?

Let’s stop here because it’s not right. The sun gear is connected to the frame tab. The axle goes through the sun gear which remains fixed because it’s anchored to the frame by the frame tab. The planet gears are in a cage that is driven by the axle.

As for the rest of it, rethink it over a serving of the best teriyaki in town. I’d like to try some of that teriyaki sometime, which town is it in, Fairfax?

A-hah! That makes so much more sense. The third picture down on the left column of the following page is like a slap in the face now.

The drive power goes straight to the planets, which drives the outer ring (wheel) at a different speed. The locked position of the sun is what forces those planets to rotate. I guess that’s why I couldn’t get the simulation in my brain to move.

The fabled galaxy hub would require engaging another set of pedals, connected to a giant, hollow axle. This design would seriously narrow the number of riders to a very few, highly coordinated, octopusses…octopi…giant squids.

Anyway, this is pretty complicated stuff. You’d have to be like a professional machinist or a college professor to make heads or tails of this stuff. What gives?

PS, there’s no Teriyaki in Fairfax…its just a bit of wisdom I picked up on a sign somewhere.

Thanks for clearing that up, Nick. As it turns out then, I’ve already had the best teriyaki in town. I’m ahead of the game again.

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Actually Andy checked out those cranks, and they lasted 20 minutes for light freestyle use. he might even still have extras.

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“harper” <harper.b7stb@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote in message
> Thanks for the powdercoating offer, Adam. Is it a tough finish for
> cranks? The Montys look like they’re bead-blasted so they may be roughed
> up nicely to begin with.

Powdercoating should be a very tough finish for cranks. Be cautious that
the powdercoater knows to keep the cranks in the oven long enough to bring
the base metal up to the proper temperature. If they are just experienced
with thin tubing or profiles then they might not realize how long it takes
to get a heavy cross section up to temperature. It is similar to the old
thermo formula that the increase in time is proportional to the square of
the increase in wall thickness. Double the wall and it takes four times as
long. Triple the wall and it takes 9 times as long.

Victor, er, Harper, the Bluni.5 looks great!


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I can’t imagine doing much freestyle on the Bluni.5. At the very least the mys cranks must be better than Lascos.! :sunglasses: