Uni 2007

I made a other lame video but hopfully i get better since i got KH 2007 uni witch is awesome but i had to wait a month for it. so its half way through the vid when i ride my new uni.

here it ishttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuzJOwm0mIk

Please comment. It would be funny to see what all you unicyclers think.


You are pretty good. It looks like you could be a lot better if you just concentrated on your technique. You have a lot of control though. Good job.

Your better than me :stuck_out_tongue: keep up the good work

What where the first two songs?

Nice video, good control, i dont know the first one but second one is Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become

says it is removed

Ok thanks, I figured out that the first song was “Look where we are - Hoobastank”

:angry: :o