uni 2 uni (the trick)

After being disappointed this thread was not on the topic I hoped it would be, I decided to start this one.

Have any of you been able to transfer unicycles while riding? I have tried it a few times, but I have never been able to do it.
I guess what makes it harder for me is that I don’t have two unicycles with the same size wheel and cranks.


I tried for about an hour trying to go from Coker to MUni.


That’s what I thought when I read the subj, as well.

There is a movie clip of a giraffe to giraffe transfer here

Look in the gallery. The link to the movie is at the bottom of the gallery pages.

Wow, nice find John! I’ve also tried (or rather tried to try) this but I found I really can’t get much height in my jumps from uni to uni, and I don’t trust that I’ll make the distance. I’d like to work on this skill and maybe then go onto spinning the second uni a bit…that’d be fun! Imagine doing uni to uni transfers backwards. :slight_smile:


Wow! Pretty cool stuff. I especially like the tandem artistic bike. Only seen pictures of that before.

Looks like he’s doing the overlapping seat thing on the giraffe transfer. You stick the front uni under the seat of the one you’re on and transfer your feet to that one. Part of the rear seat remains under your butt, which is what lifts it into the air. That’s gotta hurt! I have done similar with reglar unicycles, but never tried it with a giraffe.

There was a guy in the Redford Unicycle Club in the 70s, before my time. His name was Mike Wilson and he did transfers with three unicycles. If you dig through old USA Newsletters, you’ll see pictures of him at conventions, holding one in front of him and one behind.

Hmmm, I’m starting to see the folley of my ‘Pedal the Coker very fast, and try to leap off it and land on the MUni’ routine

Hmmm, me too. I also tried setting up my trials uni on the spot and doing a rolling suicide mount gap to it from my freestyle. No luck.


Keep it up boys. And post a video when you succeed. I know you guys can do it. --chirokid–